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Chicago's Blackbook's/Sketches

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five fingered discount niggaz


ay, chicago kids, i got mad art supples at real nice prices, i got 24 sets of prismas for 15-20, (depdnding on if i gotta bring it your ass), 48 sets for 40, of markers an colored pencils, deco colors, art pens, pencils, and paint, spray and that other shit. baisicly i got what you need, an i take orders, so save up your allowance money, an holla at me either on here or on aim: aerosolavenger.

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What's gonna happen there specifically, what will be the benifits of going there whos painting exetera...Myabe I'm dumb, but if being dumb means that iI don't know much and need answeres...So be it.

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Chi Kid^^^

From what I've heard from the cat putting it together...

It's an art show. With some VERY dope artists may I add.

Didn't hear too much about the events during the day.

But according to the flyer...there will prolly be cats painting some boards or canvases and cats hitting up black books.

Then at night....the D.J.'s and I don't know...maybe drinks...just a reception... Come on out, have a good time, and show ya love to the local artists by supporting this event.

Hope that helps.



on a side note...the piece in the background of that flyer is sooo hot!

One of my favorites he's done.

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Hey All--


I'm Wrath from CT, coming back to the Chicago area (lived there from 97-03) in the near future. I hope to hook up with alot of you writers when i get there to compare books and smoke mad cheeba. Dont freak out, I'm not bacon. You guys got some tight books there, ill shit.

Enjoy these pics for the moment--new shit comin soon.

Peep my site at bottom.






Peace, Joe McGrath


AIM: wrathmcG


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