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Chicago's Blackbook's/Sketches

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hecks r u from chicago land than? your always doin that same style on fr8's tho. i noticed that, did you like memorize that outline like a throwie or some shit?


Labrat your shits tight as usual, everyone should just start postin chi wall pics here since the thread got closed, dose anyone know the reason they would close the chi thread?



What markers r u guys using for outlines? I always used fine tip sharpies, and i hate them cause they absorb into the paper all fast and look blotchy, unsless you draw the line fast. wonderin if theres anything better...


HECZ got styles for miles kid! You question me now HECZ your the luckyest person in the world thanx to HECZ... you my friend have 3 leggs if you count the one HECZ just shoved up your ass. Then have the nerve to ask for advice? You must be WE TODD IT!

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I find it funny my post from over 4 years ago got to you. At least Joker came at me with some knowledge. Btw Sivel is a Chicago legend. Had the honor of meeting him. I was immature and egotistic back

That Chi City shit 🥶

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are you fucking kidding me?!!? I didnt diss hecks, i didnt know if he memorized the letters or if he was always working on that style or someshit, i even told hecks hes one of the best writers in this thread, shit. why you guyz always turn my words around and make me seem like i talk shit, when i never beef.

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man i hope that the CHI thread in brickslayers stays closed forever. WAAAAY to much information getting swapped around. "where's that spot? Oh its right here." "yea i met that dude he looks like this." for fuck sake doesnt it occur to anyone that people who post no flix and do nothing but ask questions are either cops or ignorant toys? fuck this site im leavin.

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Something like that, I memorize all my letters, Same with my 3-d it always looks the same, at this point is mechanical, If you painted or knew anything about graffiti you would know the advantages of KNOWING your letters (time, quality and precision)


When DaVinci was asked to prove his worthiness as an artist he drew a PERFECT circle, Perfection speaks a 1000 words.




Do you have any work to show kraysum? what do you write? I bet you the only way your name will ever look good is if you ask me to sketch it up for you.





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