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Ken E. Bus

War on Drugs Reaches All Time Low

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Originally posted by El Mamerro

Oh great... another thread about how awful the war on drugs is.


You wouldn't give two craps about it if you didn't love to get high.


Bullshit. I don't wear peace shirts either but I care about the outcome of the case. I care about a lot of things that while they may not directly effect me have an affect on civil liberties and human rights.

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

If that's the case, how come theres almost no threads about death penalty/abortion/cloning/affirmative action/intellectual property/etc., but there's like 3 dozen threads about the war on drugs?


I'm not singling you out specifically or doubting your good intentions, it just annoys me that most of the time people are quick to jump on the "No to the War on Drugs" stance and quote all sorts of statistics about taxes and and arrest ratios, or how hemp is the greatest fucking material in the universe... But in all truth, the only reason they want lax laws on drugs is to get high without having to worry about it. Beer,


El Mamerro


*Edit: Yes, I am aware that there are some threads on the topics I mentioned, but they're still nowhere near as numerous as the war on drugs threads.

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Originally posted by casekonly

why is it that they aren't scared from seeing people who are obnoxious as fuck at a football game and who are also drinking beer?


...it has a lot to do with religion. Saw this one show that broke it down. Liquor is a main staple in the Christian religion, look at Jesus. He created "wine" from water, not weed. It got really deep, answered a lot of question's I always had on the subject. The europeans were use to liquor as a main part in religion and are too close minded to accept other drugs into the culture. But yeah, religion has a big impact on what we do, oh well.

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