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.SEATTLE.WASHINGTON.1995-1999 (50+ images)

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.SEATTLE.WASHINGTON.1995-1999 (150 images)


all taken between 1995 and 1999. this is by no means a 100% accurate historical representation of what was going on in seattle, instead it's a collection of pictures that I liked. here is that 'golden age' some fucker keeps talking about:

Jabs - lake city wall


Jabs, Erupto - boxcar


Bron - lake city wall


Jabs - gondola


Jabs - "Bitch Killer" on biggity-Busway



Jabs - the Kid, (for the MADK video)


Jabs - goin' Gold on Busway


Mr. Soul DVS - lake city wall (x2)



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Man I remeber thinking that werl with the skull..was the coolest thing ever....


Heh Salem..That guy could talk the virgin mary into an old english tatttoo..haha

I still run into people from then and we all have tattoos by Salem..

Pretty great Disco..pretty great..

Notice how almost in every flick the surroundings look wet or gloomy..haha



Ps..Next time we are both in seatown we are going to sit and spin..


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don't you wish you'd painted on busway?


I got that flick from a friend back in high school, the only time I made it up to Everett, where that wall is, was before that was painted. anyhow, I might be able to scrounge up a hard copy.. might. I didn't really like the fact Masae got his style handed to him. anyways..hey silo, how do you do? I sent your "bare bones" package out today, cd's, a couple photos, etc. salem does excellent tatoo work. a friend of mine we'll call 'torby' draws all his own tats and gets them done by salem. amazing. he has this one flaming skull that has outstanding detail and so much color.


I wish I had more flicks of his graffiti. OFA has produced a great many prolific writers.



here's a couple more flicks:

Masae, both on busway




Cevs, I saw him painting the first one out of the window of the 106 on my way back home. he was bearded and doing this shit on a sunny sunday afternoon. "oh my god, what the fuck is he doing?!"




Avoid, 'a nation of chumps'



Jabs - white hopper


" - the truck you've seen before


" - wholecar



Oze, Delk - this is to the left of the "originate" piece by Heinous


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Okay..I mentioned the werl fill..but then I was also mentioning salem because of discos comment about him..


drinking alone rocks

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Guest beatboxsir

dope shit out there.bitch killer,nice wall

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all this talk about salem is trippin me out.. i know him from back in the early to mid 90's. anyone talkin to that fool, tell him the boys from toronto say whats up..



dope flix...

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