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WORDLY CHAP- remember him?

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Come on, I know some of you must remember this guy....really funny stuff, and I found out he was banned for roasting on seeking...


I, for one would love to see him come back....made 'reading posts' worth it.



Heres a sample...do a search.


wordly chap



Registered: Mar 2002

Location: oxford

Posts: 25

my word, it's raining thugs!

the majority of these masterpieces are, to use the vernacular of our times, "fresh." however, at the end of the day one is certainly left to ponder your possible motivation for posting photographs of other men. furthermore, several of these men are shirtless! perhaps your apparant desire to post photographs of this nature betrays your homosexual tendencies? or perhaps you're simply a "dickrider" to employ, again, the predominant youth vernacular.

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WordlyChap was the illest muthafucka on 12 oz....dude had me in stitches all day...it aint the same around here since hes been gone....

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Originally posted by $tonerizm

nah i dont think so...you can spot that dude anywhere by his "venacular"

every coin posses two sides pah...

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