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Ignorance At Its American

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capitalism will be the death of me........we control the middle east....we put that whole goverment together in iraq as a buffer zone for two waring nations. because the war was impacting the u.s. economy.....thats not opinion thats fact....in the past we hooked affganistan up with weapons to fight russia...because again it was in are best money interest.....this war is also a personal thing for bush..in a recent speach he said "i mean come on this is the guy who tried to kill my dad" that sounds pretty fucking personal to me........fuck bush ...

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Originally posted by kingofhearts

capitalism will be the death of me........we control the middle east....we put that whole goverment together in iraq as a buffer zone for two waring nations. because the war was impacting the u.s. economy.....thats not opinion thats fact....in the past we hooked affganistan up with weapons to fight russia...because again it was in are best money interest.....this war is also a personal thing for bush..in a recent speach he said "i mean come on this is the guy who tried to kill my dad" that sounds pretty fucking personal to me........fuck bush ...


Im not quite understanding you.....You seem to be anti capitalism yet at the same time are againt war with iraq.....Just to bring something into the open, most of the peace protests and campaigns, are being organized and controled by many of americas capitalist and socialist groups. When i read comments like "Fuck bush" and " Capitalism will be the death of me" i figure you are either really confused or ignorant..please explain further:idea:

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Guest montanaman
Originally posted by Cup 'O Soup

This is fucking disgusting.




Im not anti-american, but....



I need to clarify, then, that I was addressing the feeling of intolerence the "No war for Jews" slogan has along side the Star Spangled fill. But, at the same time, i guess i was being a little prejudice myself.


It's wierd to see you talking somewhat open-mindedly about the detrimental effects of conglomerate journalism and such..









this is how grafitti was actually born.... rebelising against the society that keeps us down the goverment and his cheese... because in order for us small guys to make a point where the media didnt care we as americans would take it to the street and make our mark so that other would see that theres concern among the people .... if it didnt work the next day take it to the streets,trainz,busses so what better way than a fr8 to make and prove his case ,,, that some idiot caught it and flicked it and was stupid enough to put in here and make a fool of himself... cause you dont like the fr8ze.... i guess he got his point across america .... and you know something opinions are like assholes everyone has one......who gives a fuck wat im saying but im just saying ...i think its pretty dope.....;) ;) ;) ;) :D

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Originally posted by 2slim

who gives a shit,the piece is dope...while that dude is out painting dope shit,youre in here whining about nonsense...hmmmmm

it is meraculously possable to be on the internet and in a yard within the same day... i know it's hard to fathom, but it happens.

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Trust Your Superiors.... Like the Germans in 1933



How would it feel to have tanks on your street...??


I think the last of these pictures sums up the israel/palestine argument pretty well.... tanks made by US corporations are on the streets of Palestine destroying the homes of suspected militants not people proven guilty.... they are imposing "curfews" upon entire cities that are basically like house arrest.. you can leave your house only once a week.... they are tanks owned by the Israeli Army but partially funded by the US government (that means our tax dollars) as aid to "stabilize" the "Middle East" (i.e. north east AFRICA).. basically to allow the US to exert influence in the region which other than israel is dominated by people that don't want the Earth raping 40+hr/week "free" "democratic" american system of madness imposed upon THEIR CULTURES...


the US tax dollars that go as aid to israel also act as a subsidy for the American corporations that make weapons systems.. many of these corporations are actually owned by the major media networks (war makes good news too)... of course the tax dollars sent to Israel and Iraq are subsidies to the Oil Industry as well.. instead of spending $300 billion on a war for oil we could spend $300 billion on clean energy research and/or implementation of a system of decentralized solar and wind power generators... Shit, EVERY american CITY COULD HAVE A SUBWAY, A COMMUTER, AND A NATIONAL TRAIN LINE, but the auto, oil, weapons, and media companies (all owned by the same people) lobby politicians not to spend money in a way that will hurt their profits....


the rich and the powerful help the rich and powerful stay rich and powerful by sending the working class military to bomb and kill innocent impoverished iraqi civilians that have been dealing with 12 years of sanctions (1 million innocent dead) and a demolished infrastructure from the first gulf war... way to go GW.. you're the antichrist.



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When I read that "no war on jews" thing or what ever nigguh man wrote, I was thinking he ment like stop the bullshit bettween the palies and jews........................................BUT I don't really care about COLT45's personal agenda with his belifes and graffiti. I will say my peice on Bush.I think he's starting so much shit to draw your attentions away from the fact he's a flamming retard.He needs a legacey because he's fucked people hate him, think he's a fuck stump and anyone with half a brain could see whats up.He's a flop so whats the easiest thing to do?START A WAR AGAINST A SO CALLED ""THREAT"" and WIN so all the fucking losers in the u.s would be all yessssssssssssss bush you rock!



How many of youuuu suckas got paid with tattoos to paint today huh huh? yeah thats what I was thinking suckers

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number crunching....


$396.1 billion for the military in fiscal year 2003 ($379.3 billion for the Defense Department and $16.8 billion for the nuclear weapons functions of the Department of Energy). This is $45.5 billion above current levels, an increase of 13 percent


$2.1 TRILLION on the military over the next five years. The budget plans, if approved by Congress, would lead the nation back into deficit spending in FY'03 - for the first time in four years




crazy times ahead for the world's biggest military spender and leading supplier of weapons.. damn



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Originally posted by crunkdup

way to go GW.. you're the antichrist.



this is the hottest shit i've seen on 12oz in a while. my best friend just got sent overseas two days ago to fight a war that in my opinion is just a political "ratings boost" for our retarded frat boy president. let alone the personal grudge that he has for sadamm for quote " trying to kill my dad". I am not anti-war by any means. as long as there is a justifyable reason for going to war.

i go to kent state, and for the past two days there has been a "hunger strike" for the anti war movement. i give these guys props for standing up for what they believe in, but do they really think that bush is going to give a shit? he is going to war NO MATTER WHAT. they are wasting their time and energy.

and also, what about north korea????? they are threatening us with nuclear weapons while bush says we can resolve this with diplomacy. why cant we resolve the iraq situation with diplomacy. iraq is making more of an effort to disarm right now than north korea is.


what the fuck????????


send a prayer out for our troops that have to risk their lives to fight this bullshit war:o

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ok on the graph how many countrys have enough money to compare to americas spending?i will say that is crazy on how much we are spending. but we have to look at it a little closer. it says "budget" who's to say we went under whos to say we went over a budget is just a plan. maby the other countrys say they are going to spend so and so but actually spend much more? this graph is from 1999, thats four years old. can this data be reliable? who is the orginization what are thier belifes do they like america? then it says potential enemies... that right there you should be laughing at. why didnt it list them for cuba? pakistan( in 1999)? where is russia and north korea? was their budget higher so inorder to make the us look bad they werent included?


i really think that dosent have much to do with IRAQ but i was just trying to look at it from the middle mans view


dont pester me with ahhh you fucking patriot type of shit

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cookmygoose... i'm not gonna pester you with any "fucking patriot" type shit... i hate the system not those who have been socialized/brainwashed/programmed by it...


if you are willing to discuss issues and learn more about them, i've got faith in your ability to come to the same rational conclusions i have...


you said "then it says potential enemies... that right there you should be laughing at. why didnt it list them for cuba? pakistan( in 1999)? where is russia and north korea? was their budget higher so inorder to make the us look bad they werent included?"


but if you had looked at the graph for more than a second you would seen that Pakistan is on there at the bottom.. and the 9 potential enemies pretty much correspond to the countries in gw bush's "axis of evil".. they ARE listed and include CUBA, RUSSIA and NORTH KOREA.. all of their military spending combined is the red bar right below the black bar representing the united states...


not many other countries have the Gross Domestic Product that the us does.. so you are right in some sense to argue that this is unfair b/c the other countries may have spent more if they could afford it... but in the US spending for the military was 3.7% of the GDP, but in IRAQ it was only 2.5% of the GDP... in France 2.1%.. in Canada it was only 1.3%.. and in Japan it was less than 1.1%.... these countries could "afford" to spend more on the military, but then they'd have less to spend on schools, universal health care, public transit, etc... i can't find statistics for the % of tax dollars spent on military vs. health vs. education for other countries but in the US over 50% of the tax dollars you pay are spent on the military.. spent on killing and controlling.. that is absurd...


stopping letting them pull the wool over your eyes.. we need good schools in the cities.. and good transportation too.. we need good universal healthcare.. we need a lot of shit.. but we certainly don't need $396 billion more weapons this year..













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Re: i'm glad...


Originally posted by house shoes

thank you for stating your love for America....i'm not an all out, bomb the mother fuckers type of guy, but i do remember what happened in Kuwait whiles ago which makes me lean toward the pro-war side of things...i will agree with you that there are some wrong things going on in government doings....but my rant is simply at those complaining about the country in which they live citing only the negative aspects...if you don't agree that this country is a pretty alright place to live comparative to those countries where you couldn't live as free or have as much opportunity to enjoy life....then you have to get fucking real.

i just wish folks could show a little respect for the place they are making a life for themselves in.....you know?


how does what happened in kuwait make you lean toward being pro-war? i'm not saying this in a controversial way, i'm just wondering.. and also i just want to respond to the fact that you are exactly right, this is a pretty damn good place to live. the reason it is though is because everyday people like us have taken it upon themselves to inflict these social, political, and economic changes.. for instance the civil rights movement, the women's movement, environmental movement(s), etc... all of these things have greatly improved america's quality of life, and if these movements had never existed, we would be practically another third world country as far as human rights are concerned, despite our economic status. so for all those people saying "what the fuck, why protest, why speak out, it doesn't matter shit's still gonna happen.." well, all that's true to an extent too. but at the same time it's not - there is a huge anti-war movement happening right now, in america and around the world, and it IS DEFINITELY making it harder for bu$h to get what he wants. think about it like this: it is always harder for some people to speak out on their own, all alone, despite what they believe, they will just go with the flow so they don't look like outcasts or alienate themselves from others. well, this anti-war movement is growing everyday, and the more people that see there are so many people opposed, the more will be motivated to actually think beyond the bullshit our "leaders" are feeding us. the more people will resist. it's happened before here and abroad. it happened with vietnam, it happened in serbia with Otpor - the student resistance there gained widespread public support and took the entire government out of effect. it's fucking amazing what people united can do when people stop being apathetic and stop saying "all this doesn't do shit." things can change people just have to take initiative and get involved. it's not that hard but i admit, it does take more effort than not caring. and still, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

also, there are people in this world that absolutely would HATE to live here for many reasons that (i think) may have been mentioned before in this thread - our outrageous "work ethic." we work far more hours, for less benefits/vacation time than many other industrialized countries. the countries that have it worse than us as far as poor work and working conditions are usually the countries we exploit for profit. and at the same time, while our human rights abuses may be almost non-existent compared to some other countries, it's no coincedence that many countries that have HORRIBLE human rights records are either openly or clandestinely supported by our government in one way or another. past examples of this are Chile, AFGHANISTAN, Iran, IRAQ, South Vietnam, Turkey, the Phillipines, Saudi Arabia, ISRAEL, Nicaragua, the list literally goes on and on. In Chile in the 70's, the United States (covertly) overthrew a democratically elected president, president Allende, because he didn't allow U.S. owned agri-business firms and corporations to use Chilean lands for profit. Allende was a socialist/populist leader who was doing great things for his people. We installed a puppet government led by the war-criminal Pinochet in place of the old government. Pinochet let us profit off Chile in exchange for police training and financial aid that went to his government, not his people. The police routinely beat, tortured, and kidnapped innocent civilians and dissenters, thus effectively keeping Pinochet in power, and securing our profit, which is ALL WE CARE ABOUT. This whole long ass post does have a point whether you all care about it or not. It is that whatever you hear on mainstream media is usually a pile of shit, whether it's about us trying to free some third world country of their brutal dictator or us "protecting our freedom," it's besides the point. All we are doing and have been doing for decades is protecting a favorable investment climate and keeping profits high and stable. profit over people every time. support indymedia.


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on WMD's


35. How did U.S. corporations help Iraq obtain weapons of mass destruction?


During its alliance with the United States in the 1970s and 1980s, Iraq had active programs producing chemical and biological weapons, and researching and working towards production of a nuclear weapon. These programs were actively and knowingly supported by U.S. corporations and the U.S. government, as revealed in 1994 House Banking Committee hearings. Those hearings revealed, among other things, that the American Type Culture Collection, a company outside of Washington DC, had provided Iraq with the seed stock for biological weapons agents including anthrax, botulinum, e-coli and many more, under license by the U.S. Commerce Department.


A leak in the German newspaper die Tageszeitung of some of the 8,000 pages that Washington deleted from Iraq's December 7, 2002, arms declaration provided further information. The deleted sections documented 24 U.S. corporations, 55 U.S. subsidiaries of foreign corporations, and a number of U.S. government agencies that provided parts, material, training and other assistance to Iraq's chemical, biological, missile, and nuclear weapons programs throughout the 1970s and 80s, some continuing till the end of 1990. The U.S. corporations include Honeywell, Rockwell, Hewlett Packard, Dupont, Eastman Kodak, Bechtel, and more. U.S. government Departments of Energy, Commerce, Defense and Agriculture, as well as federal laboratories at Sandia, Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore, were also involved.


A major front-page article in the Washington Post (December 30, 2002) further documented U.S. support for Iraq's WMD programs, especially the chemical program, including trade in weapons and other military goods. The article also detailed the active involvement of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, then a special envoy of President Reagan to Iraq, in reestablishing full diplomatic relations and improving trade and other economic ties that bolstered Washington's military support of Iraq.


Other Republican insiders were involved in shady deals that helped build Iraq's WMDs. In 1989, news broke of a secret $4 billion loan made to Iraq by a U.S. branch of Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) of Italy, which at the time employed Henry Kissinger on its Consulting Board for International Policy. Congressman Henry Gonzalez, chair of the banking committee, also noted that an executive of Kissinger Associates met Saddam Hussein in Baghdad in June 1989 at a meeting in which the Iraqi leader apparently expressed interest in expanding commercial relations with the U.S. "Many Kissinger Associates clients received U.S. export licenses for exports to Iraq. Several were also the beneficiaries of BNL loans to Iraq," Congressman Gonzalez wrote in a letter to then-President Bush (senior). Iraq also used the BNL loans to attempt to buy difficult-to-manufacture nuclear weapons components.

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"but i do remember what happened in Kuwait whiles ago which makes me lean toward the pro-war side of things...???"


What i remember of the kuwait/gulf war pt1 was a supposed democraticly elected goverment (the ossama family of kuwait) were under threat from saddam and co.

Lets look at the ossama family yes i said family! a bunch inter-related murdering scum elected by the usa to act as a puppet goverment to protect oil interests inside kuwait.

Fact; when the kuwait defense secretary died they replaced him with there chauffuer!

I'm glad to see we are looking out for democracy in our world.


Don't you think bush looks like the kind of man who has little boys piss on him in a bath tub?


Ok so i ripped that from Bill Hicks the real spokesperson for America

RIP Mr Hicks

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