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10 reasons why I am going to have Vin Diesel's babies..

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For all of you in the dark, Vin Diesel is the guy who played Dominic in Fast and Furious, the exec. in Boiler Room, the guy who gets shot trying to get the jewish girl out of the broken house in Saving Private Ryan, and the prisoner in Pitch Black. He's the perfect guy, therefor he must father my children. Top ten reasons why:


10) The body. Big, solid, lean, and built to kill.


9) The voice. Deep, with a New York accent, yet very sexy, sophisticated, and intellegent sounding.


8) The face. Even though he's not stereotypically "hot", there's something about his strong jawline, and abrasive features that makes me want to wrap my theighs around his head and.... you get the idea.


7) The Style. Simple, mature, cultured, very masculin, the kindof style that would have been hip 30 years ago, and will be hip 30 years from now.


6) The posture. When this guy walks into a room he owns it. I know it, you know it, and most importantly he knows it. HOTTTT!


5) The mystery. He doesn't overdo anything, doesn't explain himself, doesn't try to be anything, he's just a bad ass and it makes you wonder why and how anyone can be so hardcore.


4) The ass. 'nuff said.


3) The star. He's never done a shitty movie, and he always acts his part perfectly.


2) The arms. Even though his whole body is amazing, this guy's arms are so huge. I would do just about anything to spoon with a guy of his physique.


and the number 1 reason Vin Diesel will father my children..


1) The ass grab in Fast and Furious. Where he grabs her ass, picks her up, and throws her up against his jock all in one slick move.



Any of you feel me on this one?





PRUDE - If I had nuts, you'd be on 'em.

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yeah, hes kind of scary. its his voice, i watched fast and the furious twice and both time his voice scared the shit out of me. i never heard anyone with a voice like that before. and hes big. the ass grab was slick too.

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he actually made his own movie and screened it at the sundance film fest a couple years ago.. way before his appearance in Private Ryan. 20/20 did a special on film makers trying to win at sundance, and they followed him around and shit..... an interesting side note, they also followed around the d00d that made 'Pi' (sorry, dont know how to get the symbol on my computer) they followed him through the production process and editing, all the way up untill the presentation at sundance

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