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Originally posted by Dirty_habiT

Ube, you have good taste. Those "g" shoes are pretty damned G'd out. And newbalance are tight. Also, d3s suck, remember that everyone. You are not an astronaut, don't wear d3s.

What ever cool guy! They look tight on me. I suppose the shoes you rock are the BEST. Good look'n out though.

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hitec hiking boots, water proof and comfy- sand coloured,

Sal 23 etnies for skating- brown and gum,

doc martin black low 4 eyelet dress shoes,

and a most definitely banging pair of Hush Puppy brown grandpa slippers (baller footwear for sure :lol: ).

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Originally posted by Kilo7-

It's not like I wear them with shorts.

They get covered by the pant leg and look just like any other pair of boots, only slicker.


in that case it's good... i'm talkin about those guys that wear those with those tight, shiny, high water pants...

and they're usually also wearing a nice coat with the sleeves rolled up...

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<<shoe FANATIC....


I LOVE sneakers... and <<bows head in shame>> I once hit on a ok looking guy... just because he had a pair of DOPE ass nike dunks on... <<homer drool>> but that was awhile back when you didnt really see them... they ARE limited edition, you know. anyways...


i got 5 pairs of NB's... -- red and orange 476's... 802,804,and 79os..

2 pairs of Sacounys--Metallic(blue and white) and shadows(brown)...

blue chucks... black and grey Volitiles...

Brown Suade ES's..

green beige Etnies... a pair of imposter UGG's

some heels and platforms...

a pair of DADA's i got for free

and a pair of ADIDAS stan smiths...


i love shoes...

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