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How To Roll A Blunt

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ok kiddies i did this in a quicky i think it should be a sticky!



ok first of you gatta buy the blunt

no money? it dont matter ya fucking punk

bum some money from the drunk

60cents is all you need, the weed, indeed the middle you have to split

use your fuckin fingertips to brake of the cancer shit

take out the tobbacco and lick the left over layer chips

watch out! if ya gonna lick it you gotta be quick with it! put a little bit of spit on ya fucking lips! then spread it all laround but dont let it fucking rip!

once you get the stuff, spread the stuff around till you cover the whole fucking blunt

take ya thumb and ya index finger hold it up like your about the pull the trigger roll the blunt in a circular motion and watch the shit get thighter

once you get to the tip that shit you gotta lick.


thats how you roll a blunt get a lighter and light it up!

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