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vinyl junkie

vinyl junkie doesn't sleep...

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so i'm sittin here in bed, reading the final proof of my zine, and i hear a voice... sounds a lot like mister t actually... anyways, he informs me that, since it's after 6, i need to get outta bed and let the next customers in. i don't know how he got in the room, or when he got in the room, but i sure as shit ain;t lettin anyone else in my room... i paid for it dammit... right?

well while haggeling with this guy i realize that it really is my room, and not a room in some hotel or something... so i point this out to the guy... he looked a little embarassed, but said he was sorry, and disappeared...

so i got up to check that he lokced the door behind him, and fell flat on my face... my fingers and toes are working fine, but my limbs are close to useless...

it was at this point that remembered the pills i had taken to help me sleep would do a whole lot more if i don't sleep...

so good bight folkm...

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Guest sneak

what, those pills made you think alll of that shit? send some to moe lester or pgw, ikm sure they would appreciate mind altering drugs way more

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Guest ilikeskulls.

sleep...bahhh who needs it.


p.s. vinyl smells.


p.p.s. call me or get off your damn away messege...jerkface.;)

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