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Northwest Superthread II(without crappy flicks)

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On posting pictures



-go to http://www.photobucket.com


-get a username


-Go to 'Upload Images". Then find the image from your folder or desktop or wherever it's stored and click on it once, then press OK.


-Once u have uploaded them, u should be able to see thumbnails of each photo uploaded. Underneath these thumbnails ia an address. Copy that address, then go to your 'New reply' window in 12oz and click on IMG. Then, paste the address of the thumbnail in that IMG box and press ok.


it's really easy

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Originally posted by 73725@Nov 16 2004, 01:46 AM

yall should really calm the the fuck down on all this beef shit 9 outta 10 of aint really doin shit when it comes down 2 it anyways!!! iVE SEEN EM COME AND SEEN EM GO yall are way 2 god damn quick 2 talk ...were all in this shit 2gether and if u dont think the same your just tryin 2 somethin prove 2 your little buddys!!!! and if you dont bomb the streets dont bother saying a fuckin thing!!dont settle or start beef via your fuckin computer!!!be a fuckin man!!!!!! THE FAST KASH!!BIG UP 2 MY CREWS AND ALL FAMILY!!!get some pussy drink some beer and be more focused on the better things in life like yourself and the people you surround yourself around!!!AND LETS SEE SOME PICTURES OF SOME GOD DAMN PROPPER DAMAGE!!!AKS1,DAYS,INFOE,KORN,BIKE,JEANS,ACHUE,INDEX,SMOKE,RVEE,WHORE,MALVO,KOSHA,TRASHY,SLIM!!!!! WE NEED THESE THINGS so grab your fuckin cameras and get 2 flickin!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bike shouldnt be in the same fuckin sentence as smoke yeah right

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i remember when there was nothing like this to gossip on and shit was better because of it. yall think just cause you have a name and a few handstyles its time to start talking shit, wrong. write for whatever reason you want, its your life, i just remember a time when everyone got down and did their own shit, because thats what they loved to do. half the time when there was a beef it didn't even result in hacking, it resulted in rivalries, crews trying to see who could get up more, not who could make more internet posts with descriptions of how hard they are...


i ran into one of the only young graff cats i have hope in the other day, and he told me he just didn't understand why seattle in the 90's was so dope, multiple crews full of heads with their own unique styles just killin shit, and now shit is just so unoriginal and well, toy.


you know what i told him? i told him its because half the writers around here want to be someone else so bad that they forget how those guys got so tight in the first place... BY BEING THEMSELVES!


basically im trying to get the same point across as disco bryso, just try not to be so fucking quick to beef, embrace the better parts of graffiti. if you love it as much as me, it shouldn't be that hard. after all, this is the game that can turn any slummy kid into a city legend with nothing but a few cans of paint, and maybe some markers.


:king: :king: :king:

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