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Northwest Superthread II(without crappy flicks)


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is there any sognificant difference between sf and la??.. ex: la does more piece style when bombing and sf = more throw up orented?? is there a general distinct style between the two cities ? ex: stereotype intricite simple piece west side style bombing oppsed to more throups and less "west side style" writing in sf??1

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Friday November 12TH


Capitol Theatre



Its an ongoing debate if graffiti has much social merit when its elaborate scrawls are mostly hidden on the once blank walls of back alley ways or displayed on the sides of moving rail cars. But one thing cannot be denied: graffiti is art. In The Graffiti Artist we meet Nick, a self-proclamed post-modern urban hero who spends his nights painting his ornate, anarchistic artwork on the seemingly endlessly maze of pristine wall space in downtown Portland and Seattle. A solo artist and loner, we follow Nick as he spreads his message of rebellion with just pray cans full of paint and a whole lot of nerve. His silent, solitary existence is shanken when he runs across his competition, another young "tagger". And together they form a kind of freindship bonded by their and mutual admiration. Filmed on location in Portland and Seattle, "James Bolton's not only offers insights to the various ways reality is observed and transformed by the artist, but is also a lesson in how freindship destroys solitude, and how love can destroy friendship"


Taken from the Oly Film Fest Program



has anyone seen this movie or know anything about it?


oh its at 8pm

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