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Northwest Superthread II(without crappy flicks)

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I should, dope place. Fyi, no one can turn off the internet smart guy. Way better graffers then fuckin seattle. Home town pride though, will always love the northwest. back after asia, etc...


Define "better". Just because someone does prettier graffiti than I do doesn't mean they have more fun doing it and/or is better. I prefer black and white street level fills but just because you prefer little cuts and doo dads and moar arrows bro doesn't mean that you are "better". Hit an illegal spot. That being said bump lipids for killing it harder than anyone right now.

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look at seattle, bunch a fuckin toys who think there kings because for about 1 year (maybe 2the most 3) they do a bunch a shitty hollow outlines. Congrats boys!

And i wouldnt talk without knowin what im saying. Living in SA the las 8 months was fuckin great. Southie, haha. Who you see up on the street is who is up. not a bunch a shit talkin mother fuckers posting every pic they got on the net thinkin they hot shit.

Get over it, broaden ur horizons. the world does not revolve around the northwest.

At least im trying, more than most around the northwest can say. And you all know who you are. ;)

An im not just talking shit, you all live here you can see the reality. The pics and the street dont lie...

:confused: :confused: :confused:


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^ TOY HANDSTYLE the basics.


seriously tho, do you think that shit looks good? anything you posted? youre posting flicks of some toy shit done in a pit in the middle of nowhere africa and youre complaining about the posts people make and the streets. fuck outta here you lame.

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oh so mr ethug wont say wuts going down with exile but he'l drop every1 elses name "this guys gonna get smashed bro" , or "im gonna beat your fukin face in !!!!"


No it's just nobody's business but family and crew. That's all. No e thuggery here haha but ajar is going to get his ass beat /ethug but why the fuck would you care about what's going on in somebody's life that you dont even know? Haha graffiti is a lot like highschool I've noticed.

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