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Northwest Superthread II(without crappy flicks)


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Guest seattledied
Originally posted by kToe

hey jay*dub<, if this is the kid dubc that i know, that rights westcoast, u need to stop writing NOW. thats all i got to say. if it isnt u then nevermind.


jay dub is john wayne....obviously

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Re: yo.just stop


Originally posted by feck

all that remio shit is straight mark.

guy is a victum art fag geek.

more he does not take influence he straight bites. hard. if he was the homie of the folks he bite whatever but he is just a victim.

r meezy please. get outa van "san fran" and go bact to norway and stay.

that goes for the rest of all those art fag sf biting writers in van. all in the same hurt crew quincedentaly...


fuck dem hoes.

dont u know.

crooked for cash.



shit is funny....All those VTS cats are tight...except that oaph dude...oh wait!




visits through seattle

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