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Northwest Superthread II(without crappy flicks)

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i don't want yall to get it confused so call me kurupt cuz i'm calling out names. this isn't about old vs. new, this is about skilled and skills to be developed.


Ajar: i appreciate a diffrent looking throw up and all but that thing isn't working. you gotta have folw from letter to letter. your tags got j's that look like q's what wrong with j's that look like j's. if you need help jack styles from the masters till you develope your own style


zeb: good tags


let go: good tags


ouch: good tags but you need to get away from that DVS looking style, you got skills so now's the time to stand out from the pack. that shits too predictable. example: i'm looking into the future and now seeing the new dvs production now... it goes generic b-boy character with thug mug then po-mo* new yawk styled sneke letters another character whose complection is a little lighter... oh yes it is hews followed by more po-mo new york stlye letters, now a myth piece that is not to dissimilar in appearance to every other myth piece i've ever seen. Its too late for them but your future could be better its on you.

*po-mo is post modern for all my simple minded brethren out there


hops: ok throw up, make it stand out (without colors too)


bitter and grumps: new wave L.A. style has been played for a while. stick to tradition it stands the

test of time. then update it. i assume those x's mean 30 right?


ceo bels: not really bad, not really bad it works i guess


hover: alright throw up, seattle used to have its own look for throw ups, you should check into it some time. just a thought


run starv: not bad, see hover^


isle? maybe: the perpetrator here should be charged with improper use of a fat cap. sentence 10000 hours of black book time.


Btm: cool


jeans: b- tag


vizer: this tag needs work. study the masters and you will eventually develop on your own jeans

and creo you too


snide: your tags are coming al ong but they're sloppy, it work for kerse but not you, throw up's on the right track keep working on the flow


hick: same shit definately the part about the throw up


klasp: that "p" dont match the rest of the tag


led: new wave, new craze, don't forget sbout the past though


wwl, kart, vizer: good shit here


kruks: good tag styles


arc: not bad letters why are they on a legal wall? step your tag game up


4ank or yank: not bad letters, surroundng tags are garbage tho


dpres ebola: keep working on your tags


kdaver: throw ups on right path tags are lacking


holy shit!!! you sat down and wrote all that shit?!?! what a BITCH!

Do you hit the porno before, or after you go on 12oz?

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as for ouch he has skills definitely but to me dvs is reconstituted fba/fx/cod/dondi, and ouch is toned down dvs.


first of all man, you are totally missing the fact that like 99% of what ouch paints is illegal, and 100% of what dvs does is legal. maybe rey actually is a graf writer, cuz he is the only one who paints subways. still. dude is also humble, and doesn't act like running the same legal wall 1000 x is being a graf writer.


truth be told.. if it's legal, i dont care how many of dondi's styles you have.. that's weak sauce. it's been 15+ yrs. i think the only illegal tags ive seen from dvs in all that time is the ONE NIGHT of macho and head tags.


die4 and ouch have a nyc influence same as dvs, but they are indeed going further. perhaps you should search out more of their flicks.


.. but thanks for the compliments. nice to know i pass yr style test. i just hope you actually are an acive writer, not just a fan with an opinion.

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