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ESP and that werid brain stuff.

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thats interesting, i was talking to some chick about that stuff the other day, she didnt know enough about it to speak on it, but she kind of breifed me on the whole concept, pretty interesting stuff...


i dont think i have esp, but i sware im psyhic sometimes :) hahaha


i forsee the future sometimes, maybe im just good at predicting or anticipating shit, but some of the things ive seen or felt were gonna happen soon were wild...


bla bla bla

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Guest willy.wonka

i never tried that, but i can sometimes read thoughts. dream of the future. see things..i will think of somebody and they will call.sometimes i know when something is going to happened.im just a watcher..

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Guest ctrl+alt+del

oi. extra sensory perception.

i did a 10 paragraph report on it when i was in 8th grade.

i dont remember much, but i do remember there was no solid evidence i could find that proved esp was real.

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