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computer problemos

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i have a problem with my computer at home, whenever i have a folder on the desktop, and you put pictures in it or whatever, then you try to click on it to open and look through it, it fucks up. like an error message pops up and you cant view any of the contents of the folder and the desktop icons disapear for a second and then it kind of resets ya know?


what the hell is going on? is there some kind of patch or virus or file i can delete to correct this problem?

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Originally posted by yoink

i would just restart the computer.

if its a constant problem run all the scandisk bullshits you got there see if that does anything, if not wait till some of the real good computer guys in here read this.

Restarting your computer is your best bet. Whenever i click on something and an error comes up, it says on your background, .....Restore your active desktop gjnzcgbjnkzljkggs....and some of the pograms on your computer close. More times than not if you restart the computer, the program that fucked up will reload without error....so yea if tha made sense good, if it didnt too fuckign bad.

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no people its not something simple as restarting the computer, and no its not from downloading porn, this is my families computer not mine.


the problem is this:


i have a folder on the desktop with my name on it, and i put like graff piks and like thats pretty much it on here, maybe a few digi piks but other than that, there is nothing. its just a plain folder on the desktop.


but when i click to open it to say look at a pik and its suppost to open the folder and like show thumbs of all my piks and error message pops up and you have to click on it and then the screen goes blank (except your background) and then it resets itself to whatever crap you had open... like the net or webpages etc...


in other words, i cant view the folders at all. not one folder.


please help..

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its an error loading the viewing 'tree' of your folder, its probably because of a file the system thinks is corrupt in the folder. the simple solution, well there really isnt one, but this is how i know how to do it.


step 1 open your command prompt

step 2 type deltree C: y*.*

step 3 wait for the program to patch the files it thinks are 'corrupt'

step 4 restart

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