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Mix Tapes/CD's

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Big fan of music in all shapes and forms. Always looking for new stuff, and sure I am not the only one.


anybody out there got comp's they are proud of?


I made this too get through work today. It's made to be listened to beginning to end.


--Rock and/or Roll-- (Not to hard, not to mellow, just right...)


Queens of the Stone Age - Go with the Flow

Clutch - Muchas Veces

Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros - X-Ray Style

Hum - Stars

Matt Skiba - The City That Day

Fountains of Wayne - Radiation Vibe

Soul Coughing - Circles

Clutch - Tight Like That

Tool - Sweat

Queens of the Stone Age - If Only

Hum - why i like robins

Janes Addiction - Then She Did

Matthew Good Band - The Workers Sing A Song Of Mass Production

PJ Harvey - Ecstasy

Sonic Youth - Sugar Cane

Dash Rip Rock - Jenny Says

Jane's Addiction - I Would For You

Joe Strummer - The Road To Rock'n'Roll


Playlist length: 1 hour 16 minutes 35 seconds

God Bless a high speed internet connection and a CD burner

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the last couple i've done:


adam’s tape


weakling-dead as dreams

children of bodom-warheart

the black hand-disburden


catharsis-arsonist’s prayer

stack-shove it


the train


hardcore will never die


it’s not the good that lies in my hands


crawl back to your cave

run for your fucking life-thirty eight milligrams

cattle decapitation-flesheating disease


side 2

jacob ham-think about it

what you want

before you puke

skinny beautiful fools

refused-rather be dead

cuop d’état

suicide party-anna’s revenge

tell me

crawling in the grave

things aren’t getting better




charity case-3 songs without titles

fleas & lice-suicide

silence forever-break the silence

army of lackeys


left for dead-pliant

who d’you know

second guess

violent headache-tradicion de progreso

soja mutante

tonto skins

abuso sonoro-questionarei


dischordance axis-drowned




circle jerks-world up my ass

dr. know-fist fuck

fear-more beer

reagan youth-degenerated


black flag-wasted

circle jerks-wasted

la’s wasted youth-young and bored

7 seconds-walk together, rock together

exploited-let’s start a war

d.r.i.-no religion

black flag-room 13

circle jerks-behind the door

misfits-die, die my darling

fear-the mouth don’t stop

7 seconds-in your face

dead kennedys-kill the poor

reagan youth-reagan youth

g.b.h-vietnamese blues

la’s wasted youth-blind nuns

dr. know-in that house

black flag-i don’t care

circle jerks-don’t care

dead kennedys-viva las vegas

7 seconds-99 red ballons


black flag-gimme gimme gimme

fear-have a beer with fear

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flooded in...


-|Actual Sounds & Voices|-


DJ Shadow - Dark Days

DJ Shadow - Six days

meat beat manifesto - spinning round

Unkle & Richard Ashcroft - Lonely Souls

Massive Attack - Risingson

Portishead - Mourning air

UNKLE - Rabbit in Your Headlights

Meat Beat Manifesto - Book Of Shadows

Death in Vegas - Dirge


Bjork - Joga

Massive Attack - Sly

DJ Shadow - Blood on the Motorway

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