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anamorphosis--n. pl. an·a·mor·pho·ses

1. a. An image that appears distorted unless it is viewed from a special angle or with a special instrument.

b. The production of such an image.

2. Evolutionary increase in complexity of form and function.


I was intrigued, yet again, by one of the short films on the famed 'short films of the brothers quay' called "anamorphosis". so I went to anamorphosis.com and stole the following images. enjoy!


william pye, 1986--vauxhall station, london:















anamorphosis of a zig-zag. phillipe comar, 1992--cite des sciences et de l'industrie, paris:



stand here:






check out the site for more boredom induced education.



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i dont know if you can find it but there was a muralist doing anamorphic perspective who was featured in juxtapose sometime ... err last year i think.. im sure its been posted on 12 oz previously but its pretty frizznesh... if i can remember ill throw it in here.



i have a hangover.....still.

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Guest imported_Tesseract

word, these are dope


anamorphosis also means reconstruct btw

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Guest chicken bone

I used to have that Brotheres Quay video but I lent it to some asshole bitch and she moved away with it. :(


Anamorphosis is facinating by the way I will try to find cool paintings.

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http://members.lycos.nl/amazingart/images/holbein_ambassadors.jpg'> i have a friend who has this on his forearm.. its quite cool it compliments the oscilating saw thats on the other arm.


the one with MC's face in it.. is bonkers.


am i the only one who used to watch darkwing duck?

i mean i know it sucked.. but... i watched it.


dangermouse._count duckula_inspector gadget... "these are a few of my favorite things"

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Originally posted by Basic

i once tried to climb these buy running at them really fast

and jumping off the first ball trying to get on the second one .....

only time i ever broke a bone

drunken fun


this is a good story. anyone else have any anamorphosis related injuries? maybe we need a new thread.


thanks for making an appearance NOTmakros, it means a lot to me, I will treasure that alice in chains cd forever now.

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the thing on the bottom is pretty fucking weird


is a completely perfect to scale skull.. skewed.


dont you think thats kinda weird..


i mean if i was some dood in tights.. standing next to another historical dood in tights.. and there was this perfect skewed skull in front of me..

as i posed for my portrait.. id think it was pretty weird.



side note.. not that it has to do with anamorphic perspective..

but you know that painting of the married couple... with the mirror in the background which reflects the room..

reminds me alot of bladerunner.


anyways.. just always makes me think about how an artist even back then puts subversive themes in their works.


bobby 5thcolumn

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