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mr. bungle is good

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and i like them.


same with murder city devils.


actually, i like the murder city devils more. in fact, i think i might be in love with the murder city devils. plus the keyboardist is hot as fuck. i remember one time i was really drunk at an at the drive in show.. and the murder city devils were opening for them.. and i wasnt particularly into at the drive in.. but i was really drunk and i wanted to rock out.. so the murder city devils come on (keep in mind i hadnt heard of mcd up until this point.. and i hadnt heard too much at the drive in) i was with my friend who was a hard fucking core at the drive in fan.. and murder city devils start playing.. and after acouple mcd songs i turn to my friend and say "damn, at the drive in kick so much more ass live rather than on a recording. needless to say he hit me.. acouple times.. in the face.. and we got into a cool little fight. but yeah.. murder city devils fucking rock.

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Originally posted by ElectricitySucks

get me out of this air conditioned nightmare.



i remember a few months ago, i smoked something, i dont remember what but i remember hearing a song of mr bungles and tripping out. the song was so fucking good i was dancing and doing the robot and smiling for like 5 hours straight listening to one song.

5 hours? of doing the robot? .. was it crank?

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Originally posted by ElectricitySucks

5 hours of being fucked up doing various things. i know it wasnt crack. i know it wasnt crack.


people who do crack usually repeat things.

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he come to town

come to save the princess zelda

(something) took her away

now the children dont play

but they will when link save the day hallelujuah

now link

save up your hearts

so you can shoot

your sword power

and when you feeling all down

your (something) will come around

so you will be brave and not a sleazy coward.

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