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graffiti space trap tested!

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from yahoo...


Graffiti Space Trap Tested

Fri Feb 14,10:29 AM ET Add Oddly Enough - Reuters to My Yahoo!




LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Psssst, wanna catch a tagger?




Satellites and super-sensitive sensors are now tuned to the sibilant hiss of spray cans in a space-age effort to eradicate one of the oldest and most persistent urban problems -- graffiti.



TaggerTrap, a graffiti eradication system being tested in several California cities, uses global positioning system (news - web sites) technology, cell phones and sensors that recognize the ultrasonic pitch of spray cans to alert police when vandals begin their work, representatives said.



"The tagger, when he pushes down on that spray can, he's calling police," said George Lerg, co-founder of TrapTec, the Escondido, California-based company that developed TaggerTrap.



The unique, ultrasonic tone emitted by aerosol paint cans trips the sensors, which signal a transmitter linked to a police cell phone or radio. The global positioning system pinpoints the location of the transmitter, Lerg said.



The portable sensors have a range of 100 feet in any direction.


tell me what yall think? alot of people i know says its just bull shit and that every little kid trying to paint a bike or a guy tring to paint a car or any thing like that well have the cops called on them? i figure they can set in to old watch walls of fame and train yards and stuff? what do yall think:o


link~ http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story2&cid..._nm/graffiti_dc



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the minute they published it and how it works it becomes obsolete. were aleady working around it. hahahaha.

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what's funny is you KNOW they're going to at least say what neighborhood/general vicinity the sensors will be installed at.


i say pack a brick and knock down anything that isn't (or is, either way) a camera and looks at you funny.

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just go by all the sensors, take your bike, a can of paint, then start spraying it by the sensor, wait for the cops...Sorry officer i was just touching up my bike...do stupid shit like that enough to play with em and see how much theyll actually go to those places.

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