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I want to see YOU.


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The story behind this picture is, my friends have a screen printing setup and a drier for the prints... well the shirt my friend has on here was freshly printed, and sitting under the drier... and we were a little blazed so we forgot about it, and it began to burn the print brown... so my other friend cut the print out to use as a patch, and then the guy that owned the shirt put it back on and started acting gay... pretty hilarious.




HAHA quit all the ghey arguing and concentrate on this for a minute,


This photo is fucking hilarious wholly megashits

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approach? i don't know what 'approach' you're talking about, that shit actually happened. i'm just stating facts.


and uh.. i wouldn't remember making a conscious decision not to respond to any more of your messages had it been A casual 'stop by if you're in the area'.


anyway, i don't know where this shit came from. i just thought you and EastBay were boys, that's why i said something. it'd be looking in a thread and seeing that seeking and king of hell suddenly don't get along (you know, if seeking and koh chronicled their friendship on here like you and yours): i was curious.


The getting offended part is all on you.


haha...faces on the internet...what secretive buddy buddy world...

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Yeah, EB, you aren't that bad. I know how to take your comments, that is, with a grain of salt.

Come on guys it's the internet, stop taking shit so seriously and just chill.

Like when I post on here I am either drinking or already drunk.

Take care buds, It is like 8PM where I am.

My mate has just rocked up, let some serious drinking begin.

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