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I want to see YOU.


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Didnt know there was a sale on. Cheers. It is fucking pouring rain outside now. The weather in this city is nuts. I got home from doing my laundry and about ten seconds after i walked in the door the rain came down. Lucky me.


Who would like to see me on youtube opening a longneck using a washing machine???

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Dude you bitch about that cable alot. It's right here.


You do realize I work right?


I am bitching because there's only so much the 1 gb card can hold and I wanna offload these flicks.


Make some time for me to come by and get it or bring it to your work and i'll drive to (blank) and get it

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There are a million card readers everywhere and you IM me in like the middle of the day when you know I'm working. I shouldn't have to make time for a2 dollar wire when there are several other dozen ways to get those pictures on your computer, which by the way is any kind of new should have an sd card built in... They have mini SD card readers that can go on your keychain for 14.95 at the BB right next to your house.

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