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I want to see YOU.


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Originally posted by skullnbones+Feb 23 2006, 02:53 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (skullnbones - Feb 23 2006, 02:53 AM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-Your Moms New Boyfriend@Feb 17 2006, 09:07 AM




im sure it was earmuffs who posted this exact flick a couple years back...



well put two and two together..

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Guest KephaOneLove

who cares if its some lame ass girl stars on his arm..nigga, you see the size of that flat screen.....shit joe, the fights on the 23rd...i think..... you havin a jam??haha

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Hahaha Fuck it, THIS IS LOUIE LIGHTFINGERS (aka POPGUNWAR aka IWEARPINKSHIRTS) On a Rafting mission on an Alligator-Infested Lake in Florida. This photo was taken at about 4:00am, when my crazy Ukranian friend, Ted was paddling and I was smoking, anyway, we were in the middle of the lake dropping homemade depth charges (Fireworks and dry-ice bombs duct taped to rocks) and I decided we should just blast off all the bottlerockets we had left, so for the next hour we did nothing but shoot bottlerockets into the sky (this lake is situated behind a freeway, and actually has a little viaduct or whatever you call it that goes under the freeway) and while we were going underneath, we shot fireworks at the cars on the freeway, then we paddled to another lake and shot bottlerockets at houses and ended up stealing an outboard motor and a fire extinguisher from that comedian, Carrot Top's boat dock (no bullshit)... so, on our way back to our push off spot at the first lake, we had been shooting fireworks for a good hour and had drawn attention to the lake (plus it was freezing as shit, and so luckily we didnt see any alligators even though the lake is infested) TED my Ukranian friend was like, "YO let me shoot off some bottlerockets!" (AND I KNEW THIS WAS A STUPID MOVE BEFORE I EVEN DID IT) .... the whole time i was shooting off bottlerockets, i would light it with a cigarette or the lighter and hold it AWAY from the raft and when the wick was almost burnt out, i'd toss it as far from the raft as i could so i wouldnt burn the raft, but my GENIUS (sarcasm) Ukranian Friend, TED got his hand on a bottlerocket and when he lit it, he held it IN HIS HAND INSIDE the raft, and so when it shot, sparks would rain down into the raft. Anyway, He is BEGGING me to shoot a bottlerocket again, and I'm like fuck no... I turn my head to get something outta my backpack, and he lights up another Bottlerocket, and before the shit shoots out of his hand I knew what had happened. The firework takes flight and I hear a super loud HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS sound and TED seriously is retarded enough to go, "Whats that sound?" I'm like, YOU FUCKING IDIOT! YOU BLEW A HOLE IN THE RAFT!!!!!!" (Turns out not only did he burn a hole into the raft, but into the MAIN chamber.) Meanwhile, the raft is losing air fast, it's a cold winter night and we're in the middle of an alligator infested lake beginning to sink. So, we panic, and paddle desperately towards shore... where oh wait... much to TED's suprise (not mine since I actually have half a brain) there was a cop with his search light beaming on the shoreline looking for us no doubt after blasting off fireworks on a lake for about an hour in the middle of the night.... so long story short, we barely made it into a swampy marsh on the edge of the lake with a deflated raft but luckilly our lives. Hahaha... so yeah, that was a random story for a random picture of Mr. Random himself... POPGUNWAR. (LOUIE LIGHTFINGERS)

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