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13 Liter

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i am very impressed with ates, even though i liked the styles you posted in the first thread, he is still pumping out good and very different styles, and every one of them is worth putting up, quite amazing......and be2 is wonderful as always


thanks for the post, very nice

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those clothes are pretty cool,

one time i found a second hand pair of custom jeans for sale in a record store, they were from wayback, they had these dope oldschool pieces up the legs with junkwaffle charaters...i kick myself to this day for not buying them....

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more ates...







i got blocked from aim so if you need to contact email me.

flamming hobo your big box is ready i need the addy to send it

we shall paint soon i will be in town.

fr8graf i have some stuff for you as well it should be in the mail in a bit.

danklords i am still working on your pack.

ates repost the gear! fantango must be down or something. I am going to scan those blue dickies. oh and if any FEC read this hit me up. -b

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What the fuck


when i see my or your bike anytime in sarasota, the nig or art faggot i see touching them is getting a copper head pellet in both fucking pupils and fingers severed in the crank and chain of my bike...

hood rats and art faggots prepare for the fucking pistol whip


ates ut se


p.s. inBE2weener....i got more outlines for your ass, negguh

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