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Guest Yelp, baby
Originally posted by upinsmoke

speaking of Chino, I was in the bookstaore last night, and picked up the source to find three graff flix... THREE FUCKING FLIX in a 300 page magazine, that claims to be hip hop... now i have always siad that graff is not hip hop, but most NYC heads claim it is... well, my advice is this: if you claim graff as one of the 4 elements, then fucking represent like it is... dont throw in on page which gets lost in a sea of pretty boy platinum and diamond ads, just to say you included graf, and claim the source is doing their part... cuz the people who are really pushing the element that doesnt get you paid, and takes some dirty work see that one page for what it is. either represent what you claim, or take that one page out of 300 and run another cash money ad... if you think I am full of shit, i'm not surprised, but when youre right, youre right. Step up the fucking game... represent like it means something to you!!! talk to the higher up who have some say, and beef up the graff!!!!


you make a great point,



If you check a mag like elemental theyres an ok ammount of graff. cause thats a hip hop mag. Source is just a RAP mag, and thats why it sucks/doenst have graff.

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O.K., let me try this one more time for the slow people. This is a thread about B.Y.I., a graffiti writing crew out of Brooklyn, New York. This is not a thread about The Source Magazine, Boys Life Magazine, or any other periodicals or publications you may waste your hard earned $ on. If you are trying to make the point that the Source is whack, you are preaching to the choir. OF COURSE the source is whack. Why are we even discussing this? Again, if you feel the need to discuss the source's editorial content, write them...no one here can help you with that. Lets say a member of your little crew had a job, like perhaps delivery for Domino's Pizza, and everytime someone tried to post some of your little paintings it turned into to a discussion of how bad Domino's pizza is. How fly would that be?

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