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The 12oz Wastiods(represent)after 2 am.

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No, the only thing "frat" about this thread and the people who posted in it is that we would crash "frat" parties,steal anything worth stealing,get into a fight,drink all the beer or whatever and leave......good times indeed.

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Originally posted by Gat:Bush@Mar 23 2006, 02:44 AM

bars close after 2. most of em, at least.


That sucks, im usually just getin toredown bout then.



Anyways, I read this book on The Who.


The band talked about "Crafting a Buzz"

What you do is enter a party and drink two beers as fast as you can (chug em). Then you drink one beer for every hour or alittle less after that.

This way you can maintain a pretty good buzz while not acting stupid around girls and such...


Ive used this many times, and yes it may be adapted to your own drinking style. Works great for me though. I cant drink alot of beer..


Liquor is a different story.

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Fuck.....last night was fucking crazy.....I just got home.....Jesus......I still feel like the biggest trashbag right now.....I think I might walk up to Safeway and pick up a bottle of wine or some shit.....and some Doritos....theres is nothing like trying to cure your hangover with some more alcohol...you know how we do it.

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Naw.....I haven't seen rags......I did see a sticker of his in my old hangout(The B-Side RIP...now my homies bae "The Spread")......where is he staying?....do you know?.....hopefully he'll notice I revived this thread and hit me up via e-mail.....that would be sick.......most def.

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