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NC graf.


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This is some priceless shit..

The only thing funnier than those toy ass losa throws are the horrible fucking tattoos..You can't buy comedy this good anymore..I didn't think kids this stupid existed anymore, but every year the new crop of 12o douche bags proves me wrong and raises the bar on stupidity..Keep up the good work brah..hahaha

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Sorry Fowl was on my way to get a close-up/shot from the street and this joke started fixing his shit back.


Hah, crazy. I was out that way a few days ago and noticed some stuff on that roof, but was driving too fast to get a look at who it was. Good hustle, team.

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dont judge me.. i do exactly what the fuck i want bittttccchhhhhhhhhhhhhh


mod edit my post?? wtf are you talking about bbbiitttttttcchhhhh?



What the fuck am I talking about??? I speak clean and concise, brah. Hit up them adult education classes if you can't understand me.


You ol washed up name dropping pussy. You tried to reach out to me to be down with MOMS LTF and HOD, I ignored you (as did EVERYONE else) hoping you'd go away, and here you are a year later trying to talk shit??


Guarantee I run circles around you toy. Quit playing make believe.

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