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NC graf.


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While we are in request mode.


Anyone got any Sour pieces? Not even Sour piece(s) just 1 Sour piece will do. Not a simple... Not a throwy... Not a straight. Or on a train. I just promoted your name three times, now you can go google yourself homie. Let me know if a piece pops up. Maybe you can bless us with it. "Self promo, no homo." hahahaha :rolleyes:



Nevermind that this isnt sour, I wasnt even talking shit. I just wanted to see some rebus trains and letter styles cause i wanna see em. Thats crazy how defensive you got over a simple request, not talking shit at all..

sour is a homie, some people might call these pieces. I'm not sure who is hating on sour but they must burn this:




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Hmm nobody said anything about hardons...

ok so no rebus trains? I feel you on not painting trains I've gone thru phases where i only like to bomb myself, so i understand where rebus is coming from. So in that case, lets see some rebus fill ins! I wana see that sick style of his on the block! post up LTF theres like 10 of you on this forum I know one of you has some sick rebus bombing flicks. LETS SEE EM! POST UP!!!!!!

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no that's perfectly fine...me too!



i think i remember holycity mentioning taking over charlotte, hah, guess that one fell through huh?




Actually i never said i was going to do anything? I dont even write i just thought this was a forum for breeding lop ear rabbits and got interested.


Someone post up some rebus !!! lets see it!

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I love the smell of painted steel in the morning...

reminds me of 'Nam...


Pan Am Pan Am,

can't you understand

Pan Am, Pan Am

I'm a bombing man


And here's our gameplan

The beat is here, so we will reveal it

And if you think we're soft, then I'll let your girl feel it!


Sorry just spazzed 80's flashback...

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I would like to see rebus's straight letters and shit. post up ltfkids

Bump that Woem and Celm ish.


Straights Rebus had a hand in.





















Personally I think his straights suck, thank god he has more to fall back on, unlike some........


You should really go pick a game you can win at.:beat:

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