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Melt has taken the crown lately in Asheville. Dude has the biggest and best looking productions. Take a drive down Haywood rd in west Asheville and you will know what I mean. Ill take some pictures so

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Originally posted by BoB Hope ONER

the CYNL PTL? from providence RI? he used to write something else? i dont remember off hand.. i didnt think he wrote.. anymore.



Yeah from Providence Rhode Island, and to the best of my knowledge did write something different prior to the name "cnyl"... :lick:

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oh and to explain the NO MORE PRISONS roller- ITS RIGHT BEHIND NC's Maximum Security prison- its not some bullshti building that has no significance....when standing by it, its easy to hear the guards in the towers as only 3 or so tracks seperate the building and the prison- also, it can be seen from small windows through out the jail...its not a cookiecutter spot. gangsta.!!!

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Originally posted by kLoWdeD1

is any of this shit actually from Charlotte?? or is it all raleigh? i been in charlotte for a few months and ive seen a minimal amount of graffiti


if your from charlotte get at me


I'm in Charlotte, If you still are and want to get up and paint let me know something... Check your email and email me back..peace..


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charlotte r u there


there better be graff there even if its hidden i cant live with out it any legal walls?? who are the head ass holes out there ..give me some thing please its a big city you gotta have sompthin ive already had to deal with this bull shit down here in orlando .. so charlotte cut me some slack please some one reashur me please and if there is no graff....there will be soon!! a hole shit load kews hi crew

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This guy is funny. Kews, whenever you are ready bro. Hit me up when you get to town and be prepared to get embarassed. Coming new into town and stomping around like a big shot is never the smartest thing to do. Im always down to battle when challenged. Bring it.

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