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Melt has taken the crown lately in Asheville. Dude has the biggest and best looking productions. Take a drive down Haywood rd in west Asheville and you will know what I mean. Ill take some pictures so

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stay out of other peoples beef.

you are constantly adding tid bit opinions about peoples graff who are better than what YOU yourself can do. lets just be honest with each other here, your comments dont have any merit, so stop being an armchair quarterback and get a black book or some scratch paper and work on something before you start voicing opinions about people who are better than you..i hate to put it out there like that but you need to think about it


any new kwel or lert shit?

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Okay, let me address a few things here since me giving smut a pass seems to have a couple little boys talking big.I don't know when the fuck I ever dissed relax.You bitches are the ones bottom busting Spec one at that highway wall.You pussies are so tough you had to creat a whole new account just to talk shit to me.I changed my name because I didn't want you little troublemakers knowing who I was.I never should have kept painting with Jamz and Nems.As for calling people fat, cheeto is the fattest nasty piece of shit I have ever seen and I believe in school his narwhale of a sister was called "beached whale Willard".I've done everything in my power to avoid laying my hands on you guys but fuck it.If you come to winston you better come heavy cause me and IOU are patrolling nightly.I'm flattered that you think I am IOU and can produce a piece but I can't.I wanted to keep this writing shit fun but I can be the biggest asshole in the world if pushed so no more fucking passes.Its beef on site.Next time I catch any of you out, we're beating your asses and taking your paint.If I catch one of you in another wal mart bathroom I will make you eat a turd.Just say when and where.We will show up.You guys want to pretend you're some big fucking LA or NYC writers then I'm gonna give you some big city beef.I asked 3 times to be left alone.Winston is full of spots and trains.There was plenty of room without trying to be little badasses.Now I won't let anything I see from you guys run.As for me and FTL, I am not in FTL but I did sqash the beef that you morons dragged me into with them.I won't do anymore of this internet shit so don't bother replying(though im sure you'll just keep on and on).You just watch your ass when you come here if you don't want to be picking your teeth up off the ground.





alright dude. so like your how old. like 30. yeah im fat or what ever but i think i think i have seen fatter people than me IE your gf. you wont catch me walking around winston cause your the only one walking around winston witha pocket full of sharpies and glitterpens. there is alot of trains in winston, do you have any idea where they are? does kinkos have google earth. i dont think you should say anything about my sister, but riding to greensboro she did laugh when she saw that incline. learn how to breath. umm get a fucking life, you are 10 years older than me and you got some kids to raise. your to old to be a toy, you havent sketched anything since 10th gfrade art. and you got a c- on your report card. please find me and take my paint, so you will have some colors that match, but seriously i really love dragon tattoos and your chinese letters, keep climbing billboards and doing tags. keep making yourself a huge joke. where do you get your names from text messages. i dont think your plan covers that. or does your grilfreinds dad help you out with that bill too.


more people laugh at your shit than mine, and my shit is trying to be funny.

on the real dont post my fucking last name on here MR.Williams. i know your middle name too. stop drinking 40 oz smirnoff and driving or im going to tell your parole officer. i bought bear mace just for your ass. i hope you gott some money in your wallet when i find you!

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hey dooookie.....how much can you self promote your threads????


atleast post one of your cars that you caught and make it legit........


"just thought Id say what everyone else is thinking"

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