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get some brazilian booty shots


i have some..best believe..

i will post a few here later but the rest i will not post here because it involves some graff that isnt for public view..sorry.

where is the Sleroe? any new shit?

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Melt has taken the crown lately in Asheville. Dude has the biggest and best looking productions. Take a drive down Haywood rd in west Asheville and you will know what I mean. Ill take some pictures so

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yors syke


speakin of yors i for real caught a yors tag on a notebook/blackbook lookin thing tucked beneath the arm of a 40 year old man today in the convenience store wish i flicked it but the awkward eye contact with the dude was too much for me. dont know if that counts as graff but it was good enough for me

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Okay, I have some things to say and I know this isn't the place but please excuse me since I know this will get to the people that need to hear it the quickest.


Okay, my friend york hit a wall a few nights ago and on this wall happened to an old fate(awr, msk, letter 7) from like three years ago.Now it was dark and the wall was covered in vines so york didn't really know what was there.Now all of a sudden these gboro kids are all "york dissed fate" or whatever and acting like babies about it.I think its bullshit since those same kids were buddy buddy with york until smut(who I consider the triad's version of cap) started dissing him.I think its an asshole way to be to a young kid who hasn't been writing long but still go's out and bombs while all the "awesome" gboro writers are sitting aroud circle jerking to tank girl.Anyway here's my point:I am taking york's back since everyone wants to gang up on him.So if you want to fight york then you gonna fight me too.I'm not trying to be all toughguy and shit but none of you guys are fate, you're not awr so stop trying to bully the kid.You want a fight then come see me, I'm not hard to find.PM me and we can do this but I will not stand by and watcha bunch of super ego'd writers gang up on a cool kid that bombs way harder than 99% percent of you guys.So what he's not great?FYI, most of you aren't either.He's been writing 2 months, whats your fucking excuse?And cheeto and smut, you guys have about 265 pounds of problems on your hands fucking with iou like that.Shit was dumb but i'm sure he will teach you some manners.Now as for who I am, I write 4se.I just started writing again in february after a 9 year hiatus.I was never great and never claimed to be but I was in Ardmore Posse whice was the crew back in the day(im old man..).If you know winston graff history then you who we were.I wrote enoch and quit when everyone moved away.Now I am back and take this shit just as serious.Anyway forgive me for fucking up the forum like this but it needed to be said.If anyone has something to say about this please pm me so this forum dosent turn into a whole bunch of dissing.

Thanks, 4SE ATM








ENOUGH SAID. you dont even out line your fills. You change names more than you fat girl changes tampons. Reply when the library opens with your broke ass. Please, your 27 and just started writing 2 months ago. You learn your color combos from your kids preschool class? You shit is a joke. Just stop, the buff looks better than what you do. Keep on writing with your cholo boys "cuz you like your style." Keep dising good writers, keep dising history, keep making everyone laugh when you take everything seriously. You dissed relax and you talk about history. Your so bad you had to invent a person to write. Keep trying, keep lying, keep frontin.

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