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NC graf.

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Well this thread is officially deader than shit. Granted 12oz ain't near as relevant in the days of IG, Flickr, Tumblr, etc, but fuck. Where else can you find a dedicated grouping of Carolina graffiti flicks (and random related jibber jabber)? I check in ever few months and post up a grip of fire for heads to peep, but guess mfers don't give a shit. It's a shame bc the Carolina's was always been slept on (and rightfully so for the most part, because the scene was very small pre-internet) but shit has changed and plenty of heads in both Carolina's are putting in mad work and burning shit. I say all of this to say this...how bout posting more quality shit so heads from other parts of the country/world can take a peek in here and see what the Cack has to offer.



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i cosign HHHHHHH


yaw can PM links of flicks yaw want posted, I dont give a shit Ill post them and you can stay anonymous without getting shook to post them yourself..



This thread has had some crazy moments.

Old Faithful use to drop the shit talk gems in here.

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I'm GLAD this thread has slowed down. THere is a lot less cirle-jerking faggotry and more real shit, less hype more work.


maybe one day I'll post another pic...

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