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uk wall flixs

Guest monty burns

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small meeting..


word to raws and co...always a pleasure to see...


oi is there a few writers down south want to b down with a large wall production? based on some dark horror film themes, its this sunday... anyone interested hit up 'warm_toast@hotmail.com'...no time wasters...must have GSOH....oh well u get the message..



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Anyone catch Faking It then??


Thoughts?...Obviously couldn't get him doing illegals and had to be kinda stereotyped, cos there's only so much you can do ..


..Remember the programme is made for consumption by the general public, NOT just for writers, which is why the portrayal of graffiti was pretty much one-dimensional (i.e. writers dress a certain way, listen to hip-hop etc...).


I didn't see the whole thing, did he actually manage to 'fake it' and fool the judges?? Who were the judges?


Heard a certain "prisoner" was spotted lurking in the background!! Hahahaha:lol:

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I saw that faking it and had mixed opinions of it. I know it was only a bit of a joke and not too serious but I'd like to ask a few questions of our pals down south...


1. What the hell is a "graffer"?:) We call ourselves writers up here!

2. Why did it take so long to tell the guy he was gonna ruin his (v. nice)suit?

3. which one was inkie? he must have put some weight on and had lessons to get rid of his original accent:)

4. when did the rules about how long a piece should take come into force!!:)


I too found the portrayal of writers as a bit cliched. I don't talk like that, dress like that or partake in DJ or breakin'. (But saying that, the posh guy loved it didn't he!)


But these were minor points. On the whole it was good fun and the writers gave poor old Tim-nice-but-dim a really hard time about his work!! (perhaps some of the current "heroes" should do the same with the youngsters coming through).


As for the comp at the end I would have honestly put him second or third.


Up here in the north east the local press are running hysterical campaigns against graffiti so this programme was a good way to redress the balance a bit.


Poor guy was gutted that he had to leave it all at the end...bless him!



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