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boredom,two rolls of film and a city called DETROIT

Guest meone

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Guest Rip Hamilton

Greeeeeeat!!! Because God forbid if we miss a few days of motosoul the fuckin world might stop spinning.

Jesus christ......

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Originally posted by SENSI313

all you haters need to do a little homework...nobody narced anyone out, and when the film comes out, you will see that clear as day...the police were the ones who knew all along....you are hatin on someone who was capturing the story as it was unfolding, not creating how it would play out...the film is gonna be dope, and if you have nothing better to do then start rumors about what happened, then you got no fuckin clue to whats goin on..do some research fool..your way off...the proof is in the pudding bitches.....


Sensi I have a lot of respect for you but really man. You honestly don't know what is going on. Tony Smith is a shady character and has consisted lied to Me (coupe), Army, Gram, and many others. He's threaten me when I starting having wavering thoughts about his intentions in the movie. He told me that he had footage of me talking about the investigative subpoena and that he'd show that off. Which couldn’t of been very bad for me. He told me that my face wouldn't ever be shown in the movie and there it is right on the web site. Now he's showing even more. The life lesson is this man. Don't ever trust the media.







Tony Smith lets cut through the bullshit. You are a narc. You Narced out and got super salty at the Turtle when he wouldn't do an interview. I've seen first hand you get salty. You lose complete control of all rational thought. Every one who is any one in Detroit graf knows this. Now, kids, here is where it gets good. Tony Smith will get all huffy and puffy and retaliate and try to fuck me over. He'll try to slice and dice some more footage of me in my car, or the interviews he did with me, maybe he'll even contact police in other cities. He'll try to say I narced out people in my investigative subpoena. Here are the facts though. If I narced out any one why did no one get busted when Michael Duggan was in office? I don't care what Tony Smith does to me. I barely write any more so I have nothing to lose, but I'll tell you one thing if I sat ideally by while you fuck over writers for your own weak beneficial gain I wouldn't be able to live with myself. You are a shady mother fucker. My ex-girl friend, mother, and lawyer saw through your bullshit right from the get go. I'm just sorry that I didn't listen to them.

The reason why the media knows who turtle is Tony Smith. Tony Smith didn't have a good ending to his movie. Tony Smith and his company want to do a movie on Detroit Graffiti. If they do a good job and have Climaxes and a good story line they make mad cash from the writers that buy it. Then they might get some movie awards and can throw that on their resume to land better jobs. (That last part was told to me by the main guy who’s editing this film). The only thing is they don’t have an ended. No one gives a fuck about the Turtle any more. Tony has to stir the shit up for an ended to this movie. He first went to the police narced out Turtle. The police and new prosecutor didn't do shit, because they’re worried more about the 800 shooting in a year. He then shows up at the Turtles house with a camera trying to stir more shit up. Interviewing his neighbors asking them what they thought of it. Nothing happens. Then he just goes to the media. Now he has an ending to the movie. There’s one more media blitz he can tie up all the loose ends and package this movie for consumption.

Now before you kids think about buying a ticket to this movie or buying it on DVD or what ever. Think about that. Every dollar you give this guy, is a dollar that is going to some one who gives two shits of a fuck about you or any one in the graffiti community. Who has proven time and time again that he’s only out to help himself and that’s it. If any one has any questions about this hit me up on email. Prismacoloroner@yahoo.com






Note to Seeking -----àEdit what you feel you should I understand and trust your judgement . DO what you feel you have to do. Thanks

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haha, sorry for the bump... I was bored and reading through some old shit.


yea, what a bunch of dumb shit I said back then, all apologies for any heat caused my my madness :haha: I never even heard of the word sidebust till I did it more than a few times. Sorry, I never got into graf beacause my friends did it or any crap like that...it took me a while to figure some shit out...like local 'politics' and all that crap.


Big thanks to all my grimey friends out there doin' their thing and all the Detroit hitters---much respect.


Still waitin' for this city to revamp some of those 'precious landmarks'....shit, the fucking lease on my luxury condo is running out and I need a new place to live. ;)


Buy my T-shirt and help support Jeremy harvey's junk habit! :burn:


OH SHIT, here comes Tony Smith rollin' in the back of a cop car!! :five-o: ! GOTTA GO!!!! :shook:

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