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boredom,two rolls of film and a city called DETROIT

Guest meone

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Originally posted by exorsyst

It's a joke. That's it man. No deep inner meaning, no metaphors or philisophical undertone.

The turtle was created in windows98 paint shop out of boredom at a gas station during a lazy shift at the register.

Get over it.


this guy

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top notch Mr. Boulder, its good to see the "graf scene" in detroit is still hanging on by a thread. and judging by some of those flix, you know about some of the good new spots. that ansiq fr8 is hot as hell, army + kosek, coup + tst, irate, bump bump

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i dont believe ive posted these, but i might be wrong. someday i'll have to go through the stacks of flics, and pull out the real gems. till then...




stock tips. anyone that was 'fortunate'(?!) enough to get to hang out wiith jeru and j-starr should apprecite this.


http://mywebpage.netscape.com/seekingoner/de-just1.jpg'> 92-93?


http://mywebpage.netscape.com/seekingoner/dibsif6were9.jpg'> 97 i believe.







sect. probably 95 or so? i believe this was done in the alley behind 1 john R, where 'zen' lived for a while. we spent so much time in that fucking alley, stepping over rats and human shit, painting the same walls. it was dope. now its all toyed to hell. so goes life.


thats all.

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