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those stickers freakin suck, is your retardation so severe that you can't come up with an original character of your own? look at those stickers...he did a dark blue fill with a black outline LOL thats like taking a shit and then wiping your ass with another piece of shit. go lock urself in a room for a year and come out when u have a decent style


who cares

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Toyin' around with somethin' a little different last night. Scanned and printed one of the hand drawn designs and then signed and added the thought bubbles by hand using paint pens. I actually tried a bunch of different things, but the thought bubbles were my favorite. Again, any feedback is more than welcome. Consider them an experiment.



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you should die cut them and they would look even better! btw are those printed?


Yeah, I took a hand drawn image of the octopus, scanned it into the computer, and then printed it out. After that I added the thought bubbles and "signatures" (for lack of a better term) by hand using paint pens.


I'll have to break out the exacto blade and hand cut a few. Thanks for the suggestion!


By the way, anyone have any tips as to how to better weatherize these things? I've tried fixaf and scotchguard (just what I had layin' around), but they still begin to wrinkle after a single night of rain or condensation. I was gonna try actual clear coat next, but I don't want to go out and buy any if it's just gonna be a lost cause.


I was also pretty bummed to find out that the prismacolors and copics that I used in the more detailed stickers one page back fadded really bad after just a week of sunlight. :o

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...remember salty no alcohol based... But otherwise I like the salty



Thanks! And yeah, I'm still using some Copics and Prismacolors, but not on anything that takes a long time to make or is specifically intended to go outside. The outline on all of my latest stuff is in black paint pen though, so at least that'll stay around even if the colors themselves fade.


Aside from the obvious paint pens, are there any other markers that you guys would recommend for outdoor use on paper? I have a ton of sharpies as well, do those fade like prismacolors and copics?

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