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what a jackass. thanks for brightening up my early morning hours sluggo. :haha:


question..what will get noticed and remembered more? my art fag type shit or your sloppy tag on a postal sticker?


assuming you were talkin about my stickers. where are you super rad non-artfag type of shit stickers at buddy boy?

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Originally posted by vare_one@Oct 23 2004, 12:09 PM

bump im loving that art faggery more than seeing a sticker witha tag on it although i dnt mind the tag stickers nice one nv keep posting


heh yeah.. some people just keep their brain in a box under the bed. they cant help it..anything that isnt a tag is wack or art fag shit or something like that. id rather do an actual tag on a sign or whatever than a sticker of a tag. seems kind of cheap to me. i usually save the letters for the trains. blh blah blah//. ill post some more shit in a little bit. and thank ye kindly.

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