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Originally posted by ¤¤FoRGE²¤¤

2 things i gotta say.....


1st why the fuck dont they give out on usps.com anymore


and 2nd i made an account on ups.com but i dont know how to use it if anyone can tell me where i can get my account number from please tell me ive registered 4 times and looked for it every time and never found the damn number.........please help peas stay up


1. yes, you can get them still, i just got 5000 in the mail the other day


2. you have to search. They have made it more and more difficult on both sites, but the options are there, no joke. good luck, sorry i cant help more, havent gotten ups in a while...

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Guest cømmie

you guys need to stop acting so new, and get some common sense


1) stop asking where people got their shit, stop asking how they got it, and where they get their shit from

2) stop stealing ideas, sayings, etc.. from each other

3) go do some research and use common sense, if person "X" got sticker "A" from business "A" then maybe you should go to the site for "A" and look up how "X" got their stickers. if you dont understand i will ship you a knife, with instructions on how to kill yourself


you guys are pathetic, just do some research and look up shit


On a good note, The fiend is rocking!

Desm's stuff is nice, just leave out the handstyle

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