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Guest FlamingHobo

that was awful..are you serious?stay in your mommy and daddies warm little suburban home outside of chicago..don't paint ..and impress kids in here with your little stickers.i didn't have to tell you that because thats what you do anyways..post up?i dont have to..you've already posted some of me for me...and flaminghomo is like using an oxymoron..but shoot for it man...being that this is your dignity and you have nothing else to stand on excecpt for your sticker pal menace...haha MEN...anyways...toodles im off to make out with another guy..

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a very lot of good pics are in this new sticker thread.. to bad my like 4 month old work is ib here and who whats up withtthe wilt hecz beef so not cool.... yall both rock and i dont wanna read beef in every thread so just make a hecz/wilt thread to talk shit, post ,and poll or drop it ... spmthing!!!

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