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Need help on a certain matter....


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ill try and keep this in as least detail cause i dont know the sites policy on these types of discussions...


i was just recently caught umm.....rockin' the you know what(very little detail like i said) and im grounded of course.....and now my parents threaten about me doing it again....but im probably gonna go and do it again when im free.....i usually just use the excuse that my friends parents smoke cigarettes ....but now they know what you know what smells like.....so i was just wondering if theres any advice for making sure i dont smell like it when im done and i return home after the night out.....i dont want to smell like it at all....0 %...my mom has a dogs nose (not really)....i was thinking of using scented oils...but im not sure if thatll cover it for sure.......so if you can help please do

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hahahahaha your first sentance made me think your mom caught you beating off.....

but yeah smoke out side

use that spray on deoderant stuff

use clear eyes

and suck a mint or somthing..


these are about all the precautionary measures i can think of..

what are you like 14 though...wait a sec...dont smoke dope ya little basterd..what are you stoopid



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im 17......but i got the overprotective, parinoid parents that ground you for 3 months if you do one thing wrong and then start crying and saying they are bad parents.....man either my parents got problems...or maybe i do.......i jsut dont want them to know im gonna be doing it aain...im trying to not hurt my parents but still do what i want....


wow i just noticed....my family is normal.....what the fuck

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tell your mom to shut her fucking mouth next time you come in crizoned


why the fuck would you let your moms make you stop smoking caveman scrotums


just keep denying and but still make it obvious that you do it



and watch in a while she just gives up and you can joke around with her about it

you can say things like"hey i am going to go smoke testicles" and then you will both laugh


and if your dad gets in the way...............

just ask if wants a cut........


dads always say yes

and if he does not.................well then..................beat him up

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