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HOUSTON teXXXas.. hOUTON.. hOUSTON hoUSTON(!!!!!.....!!xxx!!)hOUsTON HouStON HouStON


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Guest HSKillers

Alot of this shit is really dope...But its really sad how a lot of these guys just strait bite Letter forms and styles blatantly....Most notebly from guys like Pose/End Crew/and 3A Crew.....

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REaL KOdEr Who waits for THe 210 code




SeIko JadE


Obserd Evol Seyno




Def Threats


Jedi Next Jadehttp://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/catchvapors/weah8.JPG'>



jacked from Catchvapors

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the bombing is good. those "pieces" are terrible, legal or not, go back to step one, stop trying to freak your letters before you have a good grasp of simple letters.

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