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T.T.D,,,,,Bismarck ND reppin' in 2003 !!!

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Toys Kay Bee doesn't want


Originally posted by DeanGulberry

...oh my lord, the absolute king of the hurbs has come down off his throne of dorkdom to bless us with stupidity, and regale us with tales of unrivaled foolishness. Hark! I dub thee "THE ANTI-STYLE", and thou shalt never comprehend the necessary tools to be even remotely cool.





...and yep, you were DEFINITELY "on E" with that shit. :king:


In support of mr. Gullberry's statement!!!



And I too Knight thee the DUKE of KEY..I hope this post is a joke..Or we are finnally seeing eminem's influence on dumb ass surburban white kids become a reality. Do us all a favor and join a gang or do something productive like playing chicken with on-coming traffic on a 5 lane highway....Remember that is you brains on drugs ,any questions

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I'm not usually one to hate on other people's stuff, but i think i'm obligated to do so in this instance. What the fuck is wrong with you? "Blowing Up Spots in 2003" ?! You're proud of the fact that you managed to attract cops to a seemingly otherwise chill spot?


Yep, i bet you kids "doing tags and E til the day you die" are pretty hardcore, aren't you? Pull your head out of your ass, dipshit. If we're lucky, next time you're out "tagging and doing E", you'll fall under a moving train...


You call that graffiti? Ever heard of humility? Anyone else in their right mind would be embarassed to paint shit like that, let alone post it and claim responsibility for making everyone that sees it gag themselves and gouge out their eyes.


Here's some advice: STOP "TAGGING" If that's your excuse for graffiti, then you have no clue and you're better off saving youself the trouble of trying to figure it out.


Shit like this keeps me awake at night... toys waltzing into yards and blowing it all to hell. Take your heat and your shit-ass graffiti somewhere else...




Couldn't have put it better myself..


what a dumb ass..

1confesses...&2heats up the spot.

that's great.

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