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T.T.D,,,,,Bismarck ND reppin' in 2003 !!!


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Wasup my mad graffaz !!! this is one of the bombs my crew did the other night while on a little vacation down south !!! Hope yall feel my first post here on the 12 ounce profit !!!...... Heres the deal,,,, the other night my boy "Danky D" stoppy by the hotel wit a fat blunt, 2 tabs of E, and a fat stash of paint. After getting blunted up we rode to the spot where he burns frates at to do some bombs. When we got to the spot the shit was on lock down and the trains were surrounded by crazy barbwire fences and shit. We kicked the fuckers down and starting burning !!!






This wasnt no cakewalk though, security and cops must have heard us kickin down the fence cuz they were all up in that bitch as we were finishing up. We dipped and watched the five 0's inspect our shit. We rushed back to the ride and found the cops had parked close to where we did. Since they were still near our frate train we tagged their cars and wrote T.T.D all over their windows, then we hopped in our ride and bounced. The next day when we went back to snap flicks and only one of the frate trainz wuz there. Ill keep yall posted on the others as soon as i know the lowdown on them !!! PEACE !!!! T.T.D Blowin up spots in 2003 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









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I'm not usually one to hate on other people's stuff, but i think i'm obligated to do so in this instance. What the fuck is wrong with you? "Blowing Up Spots in 2003" ?! You're proud of the fact that you managed to attract cops to a seemingly otherwise chill spot?


Yep, i bet you kids "doing tags and E til the day you die" are pretty hardcore, aren't you? Pull your head out of your ass, dipshit. If we're lucky, next time you're out "tagging and doing E", you'll fall under a moving train...


You call that graffiti? Ever heard of humility? Anyone else in their right mind would be embarassed to paint shit like that, let alone post it and claim responsibility for making everyone that sees it gag themselves and gouge out their eyes.


Here's some advice: STOP "TAGGING" If that's your excuse for graffiti, then you have no clue and you're better off saving youself the trouble of trying to figure it out.


Shit like this keeps me awake at night... toys waltzing into yards and blowing it all to hell. Take your heat and your shit-ass graffiti somewhere else...



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:cop: cough cough :cop::rolleyes: do people really talk that retarded? i dont think so......i think its a cop ,and they are getting better at trying to get someone to drop names,spots etc...i dunno thats my opinion...1 post and horrid fr8s....talking about down south but yet hes from bismark sd...???silly piggies......:crazy:

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Guest mugshot

hey assholes, i wish you were in front of me so i could personally take a sledgehammer to your paws and crush every little bone in your spraying hand....oh wait by the looks of the stuff you posted it looks like someone beat me too it that shit is pure wackness.

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...oh my lord, the absolute king of the hurbs has come down off his throne of dorkdom to bless us with stupidity, and regale us with tales of unrivaled foolishness. Hark! I dub thee "THE ANTI-STYLE", and thou shalt never comprehend the necessary tools to be even remotely cool.





...and yep, you were DEFINITELY "on E" with that shit. :king:

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" new to the bord ? " thats the trouble first impressions, you only get to make one.....and uhhh you tellin us about your blunts and you x dont make you look cool. but i hope you were on some crazy drugs to paint some thing like that. oh and good job 8 days in to the new year and your writing 2003 on your fr8 real smart

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