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to everyone on the right side of graff, this is my battle, disregard what he says as it being a crew thing... i have this nigga in a bag already. now if ya wanna get down and rip this fuck a new anus on the wall Kode... do yah damn thing. You're way to fucking dope for this fucker's time, but hey... get some free paint from his ass, you know he BUYS his belton.



finally, an over-sized-ego will be crushed like a semi hitting a pinto...


Numb Fucking Monkeys, Bastards Take Over, Texas Finest, Metal Fucking Face.... you've set Kesp free... fear me.

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i bet everyone forgot the main reason all this beef started... cuz if u know please post it..... cuz really now....i dont see a reason for all this shit to go down........i wanna see the battle and everything... but i dunno ......we are all some crazy korupted monkeys full of graff... did this start over aims and aids-- one letter difference.... or some one being in skool and "bombing" a chalkboard.... or what.... i know ego is one reason... but the rest is all just bumpin gums... i aint taking sides....i aint dissin no one.... i got respect for everyone in the graff game... old skool, new skool, and what not....but damn... i dunno.


shits hektik...


great hand of destruction....



props to all writers within this freakin beef....

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HA! so so now you kids wanna come through the ATX looking for shit to crush. Will somone please Krush SIRE for me, Im on the DL for 6 months to a year. Yall better know that LK gonna be coming back in the game soon enough though. BTW YANOE, VERB, MEAT, JEWS, KQUA, you fucks rock it. Ill Hold it down for punk rock graff kids everywhere!!!!

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man i knew this shit would happen. all you fucks that arent involved come riding colors and thems dicks and shit. i bet yall can come up here for the battle and shake that niggas cans for him while he paints. put caps on them for him. pour him a icey cold beer. fuck it why dont you just suck his dick???? well looky here fuckers.... i think its wak if color is gunna be the only cat battling... when this shit didnt start with him. ya i respect him taking up for his boy, and i wouldnt repect him if he didnt, but is the other fool even gunna stay involved or just slowly back away while colors making a scene????? fuck that. color vs kesp is the main event but theres gunna be more than one battle (if your walls big enough which yo implied it is) or are yall just gunna chill in someones shadow. aims if you cant battle in your own beef....well then.....shame on you

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400 cans? damn, let me join the battle.


Color One, head full of shit. FUck Houston graff scene and fuck everyone talking shit, which is most of the writers, yall babies are acting like this shit is going to get you at a better place or a shitload of money, IT AINT GONNA GET YOU ANYWHERE, kesp, fuck fame, whats fame when no one in houston respects no one, COLOR, you need to release some air from inside that overinflated head of yours. 4oo cans, oh my god, you either have to have a committee of dumbasses jacking cans, or own a homedepot or some shit. Yall need to start thinking of something else besides talking shit on a computer or calling a battle on the internet, fuck 12 oz, this forum sucks major dickalicious. AIMS, i dont know that kid, but man he fucken blows in bombing, he SUCKS, its just the truth. Like my man, big Kai said, YOU HAVE UNLEASHED THE FUCKEN FURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:hatred: :hatred: which then turns into :beat: :beat:

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peter north?what are u talking about...weah and color havent battled! so how u figure that weah "burned" him???and noone was dickriding cope nigga! thats for damn sure...he came to san antonio..we didnt go to him....most of yall niggas are droppiing the dumbest reasons to try and hate someone....the simple fact is why drag a whole city to 2 sides when just a couple of words got took out of place...i bet most of u dont even remember how this started!



yo kesp, for real? what are u trying to prove?u dont even have to answer that here for the whole world to see.....

lordepisoder@hotmail.com <

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hey color, this battle will NOT go down saturday as far as i'm concerned, you can drop yours, but mine will be on my next day off from work, and on a wall that will be closed off in location until after the battle. if you or any one disses the wall... you forfeit and i become 400 cans (and a false ego) richer. and if it means dissing everything you and your crew rocks till the day we cease to exist, then so be it... there's way too many people who wanna see this battle go down, that will gladly ablige to assisting me in ruining your productions. heart and soul go into these things that ALL of us do, and i really don't wanna do that to you guys, but i will not be stepped on, nor will you call the shots in this battle. If you are so certain of victory, then when and where you paint the production will be of no importance, believe me, the smoke will clear from this battle within a week, and people will see who got crushed.



that's the time frame, those are the circumstances, and i'm out.:king:

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