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na that shit cant be dropped....niggas egos are doing most of the talking on the internet...certain cats need neck braces to hold their big heads in place...........ego trippin' got to comfortable.......










Don't start no shit, won't be no shit
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hahahahaha !


here we fucking go, if i could say this to everyone's face, I WOULD DO SO WITHOUT ANY HESITATION !!! BUT CIRCUMSTANCES IN MY DAILY SCHEDULE FORBID ME FROM DOING SO...


TryingToComeUp or whatever, if my memory serves me correct, your 15 years old and a freshmen at reagan or some shit, Ekos can shoot me up or pull straps on me all fucking day... kill me. Color, you and the rest of the jealous fucks who threw the shit i contributed to the scene back in my face are just pissed because a new guy out of nowhere came up and posessed the skill you guys strived for years to attain. Much respect there, but FUCK YOU as a person, and everyone else who doesnt know me on a personal level. Shoot me, Kill me, do whatya please, but i'll still be painting and any and all of you fucks can come shank me and find me there. Aims is inadvertently (or purposely) trying to get my boy Garms tossed up in this Aids BK guys shit, and Beik (another homie) and his boy Gozie in some shit at HIS SCHOOL. Yo aims, you dont fucking see what you're gonna create, "pimpin"?


I don't give a fucks, I get down for my crew, NFM.BTO.MF.TF i rep and protect all, i dont own a gun, i dont carry switchblades, all i have is my fucking fists... and i'll pin up all i have to EVERYTHING YOU FUCKS HAVE in order to stand for what it is i see standing for. So if it comes down to blasting me, BLAST ME! Ease your fucking mind knowing you can't be civil... but if i have a fighting chance, believe me, i will take it. FUCK YOU ALL!


much love to the people who've been good to me, and the niggas who have my back, and i'll be painting.... catch me if you can.

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and color... i personally do not see anything unique about your well-painted steez, and if its a battle you want then its one you have... define the circumstances herein and we'll see how it rolls... don't be like your buddy Sode and evade the ring, or involve your whole production skwizadd, jesus christ... if you guys only knew how serious i was. but hey, chances are kws will be involved... and so will dts, and so on and so fucking forth... so i'm back in the boat i started in, before everyone caps the shit i have up and runs up on me shooting...



lemme burn this geezer first !

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hahahahah kesper is the king now in houston....fuck i missed that whole season....fuck i hope color burns the shit out of you fucking pussy. first you need to get a style. u paint good but thats not enough. some one gave you your fucking style so shut the fuck up..hahahahah your a funny fucker.............

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you should tone your shit down cause this pple are real and I dont think you know. the only point I care to make is who are you, what have you ever done beside every legal every week. AND YOU BETTER EDIT YOUR LAST POST YOU ARE THE ONE THATS GIVING PPLE UP TALKIN BOUT HIGH SCHOOL. I didn't think you were that stupit. so drop your mouse and be scare. Peace you know who you are.



GOZIE I need to talk to you.<--------------------------


Raisin' Hell<------------------------------

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standing here blowed from inhaling the smoke an being surrounded with my thoughts...



so see folks thats all it takes...stand yah damn ground

he realized what he was starting was dumb

i told yah kesp startin beef or whatevah yah wanna call it with me was a bad idea some people let thier actions get the best of them on the internet an some were patiently waiting for their time (on both sides) you realized startin shit wit me would start a fuckin whole hep of shit in houston, so it was best that you retrieved yah actions.


let it be known folks i aint let'em off the leash for his actions just yet...

just don't be around me nor my fam. yah dig an if i hear any fuckin 2 shits from you talkin down on RTL GY SSG DTS RSA BY DKOPS KOW whoever youngbuck you won't be agreeing with some of my patnahs actions yah dig dirty...i ain't sayin it deals with violence, i ain't sayin it deals with battlin whatevah happins happins b/c of your stupidity.

you play yah cards right an yah might not get burned...


an i'mma leave it at that

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man, that fucking kid can be anyone in that damn school, i don't even know what the toy writes... whatever kq. the simple fact remains, the only way you fucks will ever get me outtah the scene is if you GUYS ACTUALLY DO KILL ME.... UNTIL THEN...




i aint dissing nobodies shit because i plain and simple dont believe in it, i'm waiting for someone to diss mine though, thats how it always turns the fuck out... but oh well, i'll just be giving you fucks a reason to go chase down every legal and every freight i hit from here on after, my name will be fresh in your minds. you guys are inadvertently gaining me status as a name that wanders through everyone's head. hey code210... dude, niggas that have my back are the ones who are quasi-cool with you as well... because i'm close friends with a nigga who you admire/hate so much... you wanna fire off on me as well, gravy. like i said color, you're ass will be surprised. this rookie may not win against you but i swear i'll be giving you the most competition any person ever has who's actually stepped to you. i'm tired of you fucks...


half of you houston motherfuckers are "dope" and "interviewed" and praised upon because of who you fucking know... NOT BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU DO! this is the end result when you come up practically on your fucking own, and with your own...


fuck this city, and i guess the battle is on...



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all this beef isnt going to get any of you anywhere... if anything it will just bring more heat to the scene, and get a lot of you people either hurt or thrown in jail...


if youre gonna have beef, have it, but leave your cru's out of it, that shit is just weak...


if two people hate each other, let them fight, or battle one on one... and let that be that...


i dont know all the circumstances with whats going on, but like i said above, thats how id try to handle the situation... unless someone from one side is capping other peoples shit in the cru, id keep it one on one...


hopeless houston...

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your cards are gettin heated pimpin


say dirty everybody got yo ass on a leash how you think you got kicked outta the scene last time when you painted that shit at the WOF or were you just takin a so called "BREAK"


ok werk you go over my panels an will see what happens

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This is my last and final contribution to these stupid fucking post-wars. Aims, you wanna come handle me with your arsenal of crews, fucking do so. Color, you wanna battle ME, come fucking find me... fuck the net, fuck you all, and fuck all this shit....


oh yeah, and aims, figure out who the fuck you're talking to werk, desk, or KESP, you have a serious name-dropping issue that will only lead to your demise... this will all pan out. like i said if you guys fucking want me, come find me...



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close this fucking thread


werd to my niggaz and homie jesusies, im back in town , no one cares....

bk has drinking problems , middle class wiggas with gangsta swanging iowa funk , close this fucking thread now , shut up kesp , dont talk to people on 12oz, were all fucking losers , specially people who paint words on walls and talk to people down teh block ona fucking computer , fuck fuck , close this thread .



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