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Originally posted by ScabEater

Yo Pres... the kws/kesp ordeal has been handled behind the internet scene, so outtah respect for Sode's wishes and mine...... let this subject online rest in peace.




good, glad to see yall cleared that up, im done with it, i just had to respond to garms...



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http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images11/jewz12.jpg'> EYE CANDY FO YA SUCKA!!!!! BENCHIN LIKE MY MOM!!!!









QUAAAAAAAAAAAAAA? ha ha ha cool stuff show them AOZ kids who u messin with....... ok seriously no more vaca.....




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Originally posted by anonimojo

yo garms when we gonna hook up and paint ..........i love you too ..im guessin you disse dmy piece at y.a huh ????? you just started to come up why are you gonna go and get in the mix? youre doin so good no beef or nuffin just doin your thing.......


no i didnt diss your piece at y.a. i have more respect then to do somthing like that......im not trying to get in beef .....o well....who cares

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someone want to explain that shit with the jews pieces and who went over them and then what those other peices were?


looks like a buncha bullshit over a buncha bullshit, cant make out what the fucks going on...


that first jews piece was pretty damn colorful...

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Garm's ill, very ill.


and what the fuck is up with that AOZ guy dissing jewish? Jewish even had nice things to say about that Mosek-fucker when i talked to him, i thought that guy was a cop.


Oh yah... i have clean flicks of those underpass pieces without the shitty disses, if i can get ahold of a scanner, i'll post em.

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