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I Am The One Who Is

The Alpha Omega I Am

My Way So Complete In Itself

For From My Left Hand I Produce Fire

And From My Right Does The Waters Pour

From My Breath The Perfect Pure-Word Issues Forth

Manifesting My True-Will And Grounding My Wondrous Dreams

I Assemble Myself By These Most Magical Names

















O Most Ancient Of The Days

I Lift Up To You With Celebration

Celebration Of This Most Precious Gift You Hath Bestowed Upon Me

This Most Precious Crown You Hath Given To Me

This Crown Of Affectiveness You Hath Made To Be Mine

This Crown Being My Seed To The Throne Most Ancient Ones

Thee I Most Highly Praise

I Will Cherish This Seed, Your Gift I Will Nurture It

I Will Become The Culture That Maketh It Grow

I Will Perform With Great Sacrifice To Be The Nourishment

I Shall Weed Out All False Natured Influences

I Shall Protect Against Their Inflection

I Shall Banish Their Stillness And Stagnation

I Shall Further Banish Their Simpleness And Ignorance

I Shall Promote Growth And Ambition Within Myself

And Make Glorious Impact Upon My World With Activeness And Affectiveness

I Shall Make Glorious Impact On My World And The World Of Others

This Great Work Shall Be For Me Of The Most Principal Importance

Being Of The Most High And Above All Other Importances

For This Investment Is Of Such Small Scale

When Compared To The Blessed Cornucopia That Is To Flow Through Me

For This Most Precious Gift I Do Thee Praise And Assemble In Celebration

I Do Lift Up In Celebration Of The Great Triumvirate

I Do Lift Up In Celebration Of The Most Living Continuum

I Do Lift Up In Celebration Of The Me-Gal-Gal

I Do Lift Up In Celebration Of The Path That Shines Of Most Awesome Brilliance

Blessed Be This Most Living Path

This Path Of The Living Breath

This Path Of The Living Balance

This Path Of The Living Dream

Chthhulhu-Gal-Gal Ma-E-Gi-Nam

Me-Gal-Gal-Zu Ga Hul

Habsu-Gal-Gal Ma-E-Gi-Nam

Me-Gal-Gal-Zu Ga Hul

Mahummuhu-Gal-Gal Ma-E-Gi-Nam

Me-Gal-Gal-Zu Ga Hul


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ill bump this shit up even though i hate this city with a passion equivalent to a heroin/oxy/dilly/ withdrawl...

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o no was the deal bigg pimpin chi town the mobs going to be rollin trough the event in 210 4 shure so i might be in town next week or somthn we can go catch sum 1$ lone stars LOOK OUT! :mexican: :mexican: :mexican: :mexican: :krunk: :krunk: :krunk:

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wa happen to houston


wa happen to houston aitn nobody doing shit in the streets.........

is it cause its cold......

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...i guess...


yea i guess houston is dead...i guess that whole rebs an rite sittuation got into every bodys head...so dose this mean that everybody is scared now...cause of what every body is sayign bout rite...hmmm...makes ya wonder...oh well... :o

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all i have to say is that rebs is dope and rite is a snitch. i paint more trains than city, but i think its funny how people get on here and talk talk talk all the time. you are all fake bitches. get off your computer and go paint. its not hard. if you want to bitch about houston being dead, why don't you get off your ass and do something instead of being some internet shit talker. "houstons dead","everyones scared" I bet your scared bitch. shut your mouth and do something you fucking poser.houston sucks because the people who hold shows and rep houston suck. bunch of gay ass legal writers who never got good and have money.......

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haha...im not scared...haha...

wen i used to see all of this bk dts wow sake yano rebs smok keli seyno vague an all the other kids that use to bomb allot...that made me want to bomb too...that made me get all hyped up an makeing me wat to paint but now everybody is all in to piceing...or just not doing shit casue they scared of rite...cause they might get sniched out...but now wen i go otu i dotn see shit...i see all of these walls clean...but you now what...fuck this...i aitn got time for this...say wat u watn to say guts...u can disagree with what i say but oh well...what is said is said an what is done is done...ha...im lost...

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merry christmas to all ya mothafuckers in houston......coming straight from philladelphia......glad im not down there.

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