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Fox Mulder

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marlboro lights

scratchin my nuts and doin the 'al bundy'


playstation 2 (in particular thps4)

the smell of montana on the night air

biting my nails

playing with my beard

scratching my head

sleeping on my side

listening to the funny things my wife says in her sleep

patronising welsh people at work

ranting about the shitty quality of content in the irish and english newspapers

going "pssshhh" every time i hear the word terrorism

slapping my forehead whenever i see a picture of bush, blair or any other politician on tv

telling my brother to shut up

making noises like "aaahhhhh" when i take a piss

smelling my shoes, then making ewww noises as if i'd never smelt them before

figuring out how i can get rich

deciding what i will do with my money when i get rich


stuff like that

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( at least four double espressos, usually many more )




gothed out girls

( I mean, I'm bi and every once in a while I think "gee, life would be easier if just went with blokes". Then some gothed out girl goes past and I'm like "Not a fucking chance"


the internet


Greek and Roman Civilization

( for real, i have it on the brain. It's all over my graff too)






my mowhawk

( i keep trying to grow it out so i can look girly-er, but I just don't feel right without it)


My girlfriend

(3 years, five months, four days. I can never do better than a girl with whom the first date was front row seats at the Jim Rose Circus, holds her own in the crew, got tats, and also loves rodents. sigh)











"I know you need music, more than you need love"

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Originally posted by Dirty_habiT

Stop doing amphetamines or else you'll die. You're heart will cramp and your chest will hurt, you may even be lucky enough to burst a vessel in your brain and go instantly. Your liver will fail from having so many toxins. That shit can do so much bad stuff to you. Stop it. Really... stop it. I know some kids that do meth, I used to hang out with them. I found that they care nothing about anything. It's all about doing drugs ALL THE TIME for them. And you know what... that's wack. Your graffiti will be 10 times better when you're not tweakin out on every detail.


i really hate it. and writing will always come before that shit. and i'm quitting. after a couple of weeks the feeling of not being happy unless i'm on that shit will go away.

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I'm cheerin for you. It's not an easy thing, but you really can do it without rehab if you want to. The main thing is to stop hanging out with the people that do it. Also, it's real easy to say your quitting. Don't just think of quitting think about HOW you're gonna quit. Good luck, peace.

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the most evil drug out there. when you're on it you think you have the whole world figured out when in reality you don't have a grip. there's nothing like the feeling you get when doing it after you've cleaned your system of it or doing it for the first time...the reason it's so addictive. you strive to get back to the high you originally hit on the first ingestion, doing more and more to achieve a high you will never feel again. i won't even get into how it eats the insides. the more you're on it the more you isolate yourself from others who aren't on it. i've seen it ruin friendships, families and lives...straight up evilness.


i agree with d_habit...the best way to get off the shit is to not put yourself around it, which may involve losing some so-called friends.


now onto my vice.

can't seem to get off the herb and internet porn.

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vinyl - i but tonnes of this

12oz - here more than once a day

drum baccy - ok ok, i smoke baccy

frosties - they are grrrrrrrrrrreat

coca-cola - damn fizzy shit...few litres of that a day

high grade potent skunk - ive stopped drinking, so i smoke

otr red stainers - i dunno why, i just love em

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graffiti.....highway spots are my favorites

beer....its cheap

girls....cant live with 'em cant live without 'em

blunts....when you get 'em bang'n

fights....i love starting shit with assholes who deserve it

partying....watching people act like idiots

cars....for the flow sessions on the kennedy at 3am

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marijuana--man it has such an adverse effect on me, I get all panicky and shit and my muscles stiffen up and I think way too fuckin much on the stuff but I do enjoy it thoroughly. Actually just recently I smoked with this kid on my way into Penn Station in Manhattan and I got all freaked out on the stuff. I couldn't stop bumping into commuters and I kept studying people's faces to make sure that's what they really looked like--wheeewwww, but I love being on it at the same time.

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well well well...


drinking (mostly jager and newcastle)


cigarettes (american spirits perique blend)


painting (well its not an addiction but i enjoy it)


working on my truck or any other vehicle for that matter


pissing on things

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