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Originally posted by PopGunWar

ha. now i have a clue as to who you are... but it doesnt matter. wow. a mini bat and "mace", i bet you didnt see my buddie's nine in his pants, my bearmace or my razor or dmx's razor or leroys stun gun. hmm that woulda been a funny scene. make sure to try to pull that move next time. we'll see if yesko or preach decides to shoot you in the face.



and quit bein so gay. a leather. wow. everyone has a leather. and my keilselstein cords would in no way be removed from my face, nor would my northface. unless you shot me. then they probably would.


why dont you tell me who you are so we can make this official.




pgw. itk. ae. rackstars.



how about you both just agree that your fucking idiots and leave it at that?




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fine ima fucking idiot that was grumpy.


but heres where the plot twists,


you woulda never seen it coming,

and me and my "click"

are not psuedothug wanabe gangsters that need to get on a geeked out message board and brag about being addicted to prescription drugs and shoplifting.

clowned yourself there faggot pants.


really though, your presence is so irritating maybe i'll get my pseudothug ima bipolar selfmedicating mark bitch on, and go track you down with freinds with razors and nines.

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Originally posted by ********

and no,

you dont get to know who i am.


i have better things to do than pursue beef with drug addicts that brag about shoplifting and being fine on geeked out loser message boards.


if i see you up in sf ill hack your shit and leave a note.




if you look like willy wonka.......... then your word is shit. if not then youre just shit.

either way....youre shit. gay shit.

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i caught a glimpse of your bitch ass.

posting your own picture on the internet is stupid.

it coulda very well been you, it coulda very not been.




your still a netfame attention seeking gotta brag about racking shit on the internet crumbsnatching biter ho bag.


i dont like you.



catch aids and die.

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